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Napa After the 2017 Wildfires - Still Good to Visit?

Local Wally

How is Napa Valley After the Big Fire of 2017?

Charred hillsides after the Napa fire of 2017 from last last year - it's all green now.

Charred hillsides after the Napa fire of 2017 from last last year - it's all green now.

You've been dreaming of a trip to Napa, you've been planning, you're ready to go - but then the Oct 2017 wildfires hit, the worst fire in the history of California, and you think - should you come or should you cancel?  And I totally get it.  Napa is romantic, Napa is lush with vegetation and vineyards, is it still good after the big fires?

And here's what I say - Yes, Napa is still GREAT after the fires.   The media did a great job of covering the fire, perhaps too good of a job because I still get questions from readers wondering if there are any wineries left and if the area is too scorched to visit.  The truth of the matter is that most visitors will not even notice that there was a fire unless they look up at the tops of the hillsides to see the burned trees.  The hillsides are coming back green and ready for your snapchat.

But wally, didn't the wineries burn down?

No, only two wineries actually burned to the ground - Signorello and Patland Vineyards.  The rest of the wineries were either not impacted or 100% back in business.  But the wineries, especially the smaller, family run wineries, need your support.  They lost months of income and revenue while the valley was recuperating and need visitors like you to come in.  And while you're there buy some wine, ship home a few bottles, and know you're helping a small business stay afloat.

visit these wineries most impacted by the fire

PATLAND WINERY:  One of only two wineries that actually burned to the ground, Patland is bouncing back with the Patland Cave Experience.  Tasting and tours are only $40 per person and if you have the Priority Wine Pass they'll give you a two for one.  This will be a true VIP sort of tasting experience and you'll feel good about helping one of the wineries that needs your help the most.  If you don't have a Priority Wine Pass you can get it here - get just one per couple. Reservations required.

RELIC WINE CELLARS: You probably have never heard of Relic Wine Cellars because they are not open to the general public - you have to know somebody to be invited.  But they were hit hard by the fires so working with myself and the Priority Wine Pass they are offering FREE tastings for two with a $300 purchase, or $40 per person without purchase if you just want the cave tasting experience.  It's near Patland so do both.  You can only get this offer with a Priority Wine Pass, buy it here - one per couple.  Reservations required.

CHIMNEY ROCK WINERY:  The fires came close but the winery was saved.  They're offering FREE tastings to Priority Wine Pass members with only a 2 bottle red wine purchase.  This is a great opportunity to taste some of Napa's best reds and saves you $100 on tasting fees.  Like the other offers you must have the Priority Wine Pass so buy it here, one per couple.  Reservations required.


Local Wally



OCTOBER 14TH UPDATE:  The skies are blue, the air is good, the worst is over.  If you are planning a trip the week of Oct 15th just make sure you call the wineries to verify they are open.  But don't postpone or change your trip!  Napa is nearly back to normal and we look forward to seeingyou!

ATTENTION NAPA VISITORS:  A huge devastating wildfire is moving through Napa, mainly on the Silverado Trail side.  Some wineries have been rumored to be destroyed, hundreds of people evacuated.  The fires in Sonoma continue to rage out of control as well.  This is a significant and dangerous fire, now considered to be California's deadliest fire in its history.

Photo: Elizabeth Weise. The area just south of Napa and Sonoma.

Photo: Elizabeth Weise. The area just south of Napa and Sonoma.

UPDATE 10-13:  Fires still active and air quality very poor, I would avoid visiting Napa or Sonoma until at least next week.  A number of wineries and the Napa Wine Train are predicting they will be back in operation on Monday.  If you were planning on visiting this weekend I would still reschedule.  If your plans have you here next week there is hope your trip will be OK, especially if later in the week.  They are predicting higher winds again this weekend which could fuel the fire so everyone pray that this gets under control quickly. 

UPDATE 10-12:  My advice?  I would try to reschedule if you are coming in this week.  Fires are still pretty much out of control with the Silverado Trail area severely impacted.  I heard Cakebread is planning to reopen this Sunday and some wineries along Highway 29 are now open but the air quality is not great.  Signorello Winery is completely burned down, though their vines are safe and unscathed.  As of this morning the entire town of Calistoga has been evacuated This is a serious fire so think twice before coming and try to reschedule if you can.  Most locals are suggesting it will be a week before things return back to normal.

If you are planning on coming later this Fall when the fires are out you should reach out to me and let me help you pick or re-pick your winery visits.  I can help route you to wineries who have had less impact as well as wineries who really need your business to rebound.  Napa is a small community made of up locals who appreciate your business so if we all pitch in we can get through this.


Should you still come?  Is it safe to visit Napa during the Fire?

I would strongly reconsider a wine tasting day in Napa this week.  Though some the wineries along Highway 29 are still open the air quality is poor and the threat of fire very real.  However, the best source will be your hotel - call them for updates if you are planning on visiting this week.  And call the wineries you plan to visit.  Many are closed or have partial staff.

How About that Agenda You did for Me?

If I gave you an agenda you might want to reach out to me as my picks might be very different due to the fire - even after it is put out and things return to normal.  I've been told that a number of my favorite wineries have been impacted so you will want to check with me to make sure they are still open for business before you arrive.

More to come - Local Wally