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Napa Priority Wine Pass Worth It! | Best Napa Passport | Local Wally's Napa Tourist Guide

Is the Priority Wine Pass Worth It? Yes, it's the better Napa passport for FREE Napa wine tastings, 2 for 1 discounts, special VIP offers. Get Napa on a Budget deals.

Napa Valley Priority Wine Pass worth It?

Yes! It's the Best Napa Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Wine Tasting Deals in Napa and Sonoma

Forget about coupons, delete that phone app, the easiest way to get free, discounted, or 2 for 1 tastings is with the Priority Wine Pass. Local Wally readers get my special discount w/ promo code localwally at

Here's how it works. Visit any of the 75 or so wineries in Napa and Sonoma that honor the pass.  Flash the card and get their offer, usually a two for one tasting. That means if you normally would pay $25 apiece for a tasting flight, that same $25 gets you two flights, one for you and one for your companion. One pass per couple, it's Napa's best kept secret.

So stop paying full price for Napa and Sonoma wine tastings! Order it Now. One card per couple, highly recommended.

Wine Pass FAQ's

cave tasting at conn valley napa winery

Is the Priority Wine Pass Worth It?

If you plan on tasting at two or more wineries then the Wine Pass is definitely worth it.  Figure that most wineries charge 25 per person to taste and a couple will visit 5 wineries in a day.

Without the card that would cost you at least $250 for the two of you. Now buy the $39.99 pass and visit those same wineries with the card and get two for one's - half off.  Same wineries, same flights, but $125 cheaper. And the more you drink, the more you save, and who doesn't want one more sip when in Napa?  Average savings are $100 a day and that's nothing to sneeze about!  That will help pay for all the wine you bought that day.

I've Seen Other Wine Passes and Passports - Why this one?

Yes, there are passes for downtown Napa ($30), passes for St. Helena ($60), and passes for Calistoga ($50). But that means you would need to buy 3 separate passes, spending $140 versus getting one Priority Wine Pass for $39.99 that covers it all. And unlike phone apps where you have to pay first just to see the deal, all of the offers are right here.  Plus no one offers free advice, free agendas, and unpublished wine tasting deals like Priority Wine Pass does, which is why I so highly recommend the Priority Wine Pass for my readers. Do not confuse this card with other passports - this is the good one!

How Long is it Good For?

The Priority Wine Pass is good for a full year from purchase.  Unlike some passes that expire at the end of the year or good only for the duration of your trip, the Priority Wine Pass gets you 12 full months of savings.  Hey, you live in the Bay Area?  You know you're coming back again and again so get the pass now and save on every visit.

I Don't Need an Annual Pass, I'm Only Here for a Day.  Or do I?

Yes, Bay Area people really make out like bandits with the pass but even if you are here for an afternoon the pass is worth it.  One tour using the pass can save you $50 or more so why wouldn't you buy the $39.99 pass if it instantly pays for itself?  No catches, no gimmicks, no tweeting, no posting, no standing on your head.  You really just buy it, show it on your phone, and enjoy the benefits of having a Priority Wine Pass.

How Much Does it Cost Again?

The Priority Wine Pass is still just $39.99 per couple - that's a good deal when you figure most wineries in Napa now charge $25 per person to taste.  Visit two wineries with the wine pass and you more than broke even.  Add a two for one tour and you're talking big savings!

Do I Need to Buy a Wine Pass for Everyone in my Party?

No, just get one pass per couple. It's 2 for 1 for most deals so get one pass, pay for one tasting or tour, and the person with you gets the same for no charge. Of course if you have your own card you still get deals like extra pours or free upgrades at most of the wineries.

Which Wineries Accept It?

There are over 75 wineries (and growing) that accept the Wine Pass.  I keep that list up to date on my Napa on a Budget page plus you can see all of the offers at Priority Wine Pass. There are big names you know, like Castello di Amorosa (the Napa Castle), as well as smaller boutiques off the beaten track that offer a more leisurely tasting experience. And if you don't know which wineries to visit just ask me and I'll send you a short questionnaire and a custom agenda of the wineries to visit that suit your tastes - for free!

Just get one pass per couple - no need for everyone in your party to have their own pass. See, you're already saving money!

So I Can Get Free Wine at Every Napa Winery? 

Hello, McFly, pay attention if you want free wine. Not every winery offers discounts so make sure you go to my coupon page to check their offers. Most offer two for ones but some have exclusive VIP offers that you can only get with the Wine Pass. Always a good idea to call the wineries to make reservations and to check on their offer as deals change.

What Other Napa Deals Can I Get With the Wine Pass?

  • Two for one cave tours, discounted VIP tours, extra pours - all part of the Wine Pass.
  • Napa Wine Train deals, including the Castello di Amorosa (the Napa Castle) excursion and the one that stops at four different wineries.  And yes, lunch and dinner excursion are also part of the discount on the Wine Pass.
  • Barrel tasting and private tours, two for one.
  • Unpublished winery deals such as FREE tastings!  Some wineries are forbidden to advertise so you won't see their offer anywhere - unless you get the pass.
  • Big names like Beringer, Sterling, Castello di Amorosa, Silverado Vineyards, Pine Ridge, to name a few.
  • Group Discounts:  Groups of 8 or more are often turned away at wineries and sometimes charged more, but I know the wineries that not only welcome big groups but honor the discounts as well. Need help?  Just ask!
  • Hotel Deals:  Get additional discounts on some of my favorite hotels in Napa, including River Terrace Inn, the Westin Verasa, and Meritage Resort.
  • Driver Discounts: Want to hire someone to drive you wine tasting? Get an additional discount, enough to pay for the card, and save even more by having them take you to wineries that offer two for one discounts.

How Do I Order a Priority Wine Pass?

Just go to and use promo code localwally to get my special reader's discount. You instantly can show the pass on your phone or print it out.

Do You Really Love the Pass or are you Paid to Say This?

I never recommend stuff I don't love. So while I get paid a few bucks when you buy a pass (sort of like how I get paid if you click one of my ads) I would never tell my readers to buy or do something that I didn't fully believe in. Most of my readers come to me looking for Napa discounts and I'm constantly been on the search for options now that the wineries have all but phased out coupons. The Wine Pass simply is the best, the easiest, and the most cost effective way to visit Napa on a Budget. And to make sure I do my part, remember that I'll even help you pick your wineries based on your wine preferences - for free.

Wine Pass Testimonials from TripAdvisor

Just went to Napa and purchased the pass for $40. If you purchase, contact Priority Wine Pass and let them know your dates of travel, where you are staying, your wine and price preferences and they will provide you with a suggested itinerary that will utilize the card. We took (and enjoyed) some of their suggestions and also went out on our own. We were pleasantly surprised to find some wineries offered a larger discount than was noted by Priority Wine Pass. Over two days and 6 wineries, by utilizing the pass we saved $185 in tasting fees (which nets to $145 in savings when you factor the cost of the pass).
There is no doubt that with the increase price of tastings, especially in Napa, any discounts available help a traveler to this area. I purchased the Priority Wine Pass but I had also downloaded a phone app. The problem I had with app was that in order to get the two for one tastings you had to "LIKE" the winery on Facebook or Twitter. The Priority Wine Pass is just that - a card you carry with you. The list of wineries was posted on their web site so I was able to see the wineries before purchasing plus I found that they partner with many not on the list. Also found by communicating with Local Wally that he actually set up an itinerary for my group each day incorporating the two for ones so we weren't going from one end of Sonoma and then over to Napa. This planning for us was priceless...well worth $40 per couple.