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Napa After the 2017 Wildfires - Still Good to Visit?

Local Wally

How is Napa Valley After the Big Fire of 2017?

Patland Vineyards before the fire

Patland Vineyards before the fire

You've been dreaming of a trip to Napa, you've been planning, you're ready to go - but then the Oct 2017 wildfires hit, the worst fire in the history of California, and you think - should you come or should you cancel?  And I totally get it.  Napa is romantic, Napa is lush with vegetation and vineyards, is it still good after the big fires?

And here's what I say - Yes, Napa is still GREAT after the fires.  And Yes, the wineries and the small businesses that make up the bulk of Napa need your support more than ever.  Come support the wineries you love, most of who made it through the firestorm unscathed, and buy a case of wine to help them out.  Dine in the Napa restaurants who treated you so well on your last trip, perhaps venture out to a small eatery who really needs your help to survive.  Napa depends on you and your vacation dollars to recover so don't change your plans. 

Some of my Favorite Napa Wineries are Gone....

With great sadness I learned that Patland Vineyards, one of my most favorite wineries and one that I've been sending my readers to, succumbed to the fire.  Another, Signorello Vineyards, one of the first wineries to really take care of me when I started Napa Tourist Guide, is also gone. 

The message from both of these wineries is one of thanks, one of hope, and a plea to the visitors to come back and support the valley.  If you are a winery, a tour driver, a restaurant, and you want help getting more people to visit or use your services, please reach out to me and I'll be happy to give you a free ad.  If you are a visitor thinking of coming to Napa, reach out to me and I'll help you plan your trip with a stop by stop agenda, focusing on wineries who you not only will love but need your support. 

BAY AREA PEEPS:  COME VISIT!  For most locals Napa in the Fall is too busy to visit but due to the fires the wineries are calm, peaceful, and hoping you'll make it in this weekend.  Don't forget, if you live in the Bay Area you can use the annual discount pass and get two for one's for the next 12 months - see below for link.  You can come again and again, just pop over and taste in a winery you've never been to.  With fewer crowds and an attentive staff that needs your business there has never been a better time to wine taste in Napa and Sonoma.

Napa is strong, Napa is resilient, and the community is working together and will get through this.  My heart goes out to those who lost their homes, their loved ones, their wineries....

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Bell Winery Now Open after the Fires - taken 10-18-17

Bell Winery Now Open after the Fires - taken 10-18-17

Things are getting back to normal in Napa after the fires

Things are getting back to normal in Napa after the fires