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Best Napa Wineries for First Timers - ON A BUDGET!

Want to know the BEST Napa Wineries to visit for First Timers if you are on a budget? I knew you would! Local Wally shows you the best deals in Napa.

Napa’s Best Wineries for First timers - on a budget!

Napa Wineries That Offer Deals and Discounts - Napa on a Budget!

You want to drink wine. You want to go wine tasting in Napa. But the idea of dropping $100 or more a day on tasting fees, per person, is giving you second thoughts. But don’t worry, I can show you how to visit Napa on a budget and still make your car payment when you get home.

The trick is to focus on the wineries that offer discounts. This means missing a few big ones like Castello di Amorosa, the Napa castle But stop crying, I’ll make sure you ride the Sterling Tram, you’ll get to visit some big names like Beringer, and I’ll even show you some hidden gems that will make you forget about the castle. We don’t need no stinking castles!

But you will need the Priority Wine Pass, Napa’s premiere discount card that gets you two for one’s, ultimately cutting your costs right in half. Interested? Keep reading!

Get a Priority Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Discounts Here

Don't be confused by other wine "passports" that limit you to a small section of Napa Valley or coupon or app sites that make you pay to “unlock” deals. That’s crazy talk! Instead get the one pass that has ALL of the deals in one place, the pass that’s constantly being updated with new offers and deals, the pass that I recommend for my readers. You only need one pass per couple and you get a $20 discount if you order it with my link below, bringing the cost of the pass down to $39.99. Do the math - if you spend $39.99 but save $20 to $40 at each winery it pays for itself many times over which is why it’s my #1 pick for getting Napa discounts.

Best Budget Wineries for First Timers

The best napa wineries For First Timers to visit if you are on a budget

Most first timers want to hit up the big names, the famous Napa wineries with the fun party atmosphere vibe. That’s cool with me - there are plenty of fun big name wineries on the Priority Wine Pass, all offering two for one tastings. To stay on budget you need to stay on this path, but it’s a good path to be on as you will see.

Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley

Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley

Stop 1: Sterling Vineyards: I like to start the day at Sterling Vineyards. Why? Because Sterling can get packed by the afternoon but in the morning you’ll feel like a VIP as they patiently wait for you to jump in the tram that takes you to the tasting room. What a way to start the day!

Sterling Deal: Show your Priority Wine Pass when you arrive and get two for one tram ride and tasting. Normally $35 per person, you get two for one. See how this works? You just saved $35.

Dutch Henry Winery, Napa Valley

Dutch Henry Winery, Napa Valley

Stop 2: Dutch Henry: This low key fun winery is tucked away from the crowds. It’s fun, it’s slightly funky, and I love the friendly vibe of their tasting room, right down to their goofy winery dog. Outside you can play some bocce ball or picnic at one of their tables under the oak trees - bring your own lunch and stretch that budget having one of Napa’s most quintessential experiences.

Dutch Henry Tasting Fees

Dutch Henry Deal: Two for one with Priority Wine Pass, save $25. Includes free use of bocce ball court and picnic area.

Beringer Vineyards Rhine House in Napa Valley

Beringer Vineyards Rhine House in Napa Valley

Stop 3: Beringer Vineyards: If I had to pick one “famous” Napa winery to visit on my first timer bucket list it would be Beringer Vineyards. You’ll taste in the Old Winery building but give yourself time to walk around to see the lush grounds and don’t miss The Rhine House, the mansion the Beringer brothers built to remind them of their home.

Beringer Vineyards Tasting Fees

Beringer Vineyards Deal: Get two for one tastings, save $25, with your Priority Wine Pass.

Grgich Hills Estate, Napa Valley

Grgich Hills Estate, Napa Valley

Stop 4: Grgich Hills Estate: Mike Grgich is legend in Napa. If you don’t know the story the short version is that he was the winemaker who made the winning chardonnay that beat the French in the 1976 blind tastings, the event that put Napa on the map. What I love about visiting Grgich Hills Estates is that the tasting room is nearly identical to what it was like back in the 70’s. While newer wineries are building giant monuments to wine that would not be out of place in Vegas, Grgich Hills remarkably has retained the old Napa charm while still producing some of Napa’s finest.

Grgich Hills Estate Tasting Fees

Grgich Hills Estate Deal: This is a GREAT deal - while others coming in will pay $40 per person to taste, those with the Priority Wine Pass will be treated to a special full flight of wines at a special price - two tastings for $25. This deal is only offered Mon - Fri so if you are coming on the weekend you can skip this one and move on to the next.

Beaulieu Vineyard, the Napa Castle

Beaulieu Vineyard, the Napa Castle

Stop 5: Beaulieu Vineyard: You can almost imagine Georges de Latour's wife, Fernande, shouting out “Beau Lieu!”, meaning beautiful place, the first time she laid eyes on the original vineyard. Today you will shout out “Rutherford Grill!” which shares its parking lot. But don’t stop to eat just yet, make sure you stop in at BV to do one last tasting in their lovely stone tasting room. Reservations recommended.

Beaulieu Vineyard Tasting Fees

Beaulieu Vineyard Deal: Two for one tasting with your Priority Wine Pass, save $30.

More Top Picks for First Timers in Napa

More time to taste? then add some of these to your “napa on a budget” wine tasting agenda

William Hill Estate Winery in Napa Valley

William Hill Estate Winery in Napa Valley

William Hill Estate: You want a view of the vineyards? Well it’s pretty hard to find a better one than at Wm. Hill Estate where the Adirondack chairs are calling your name - bring your wine! A great “last stop” if you can plan it out that way. Make reservations.

Wm. Hill Estate Tasting Fees

Wm. Hill Estate Deal: Two for one tasting with your Priority Wine Pass, save $30.

Whitehall Lane Winery in Napa Valley

Whitehall Lane Winery in Napa Valley

Whitehall Lane Winery: No, not a big name but one you should have on your short list if you are visiting Napa on a Budget and looking for a small, family run winery. Whitehall Lane is still family owned and run and offers an alternative to the giant tasting rooms of the corporately owned wineries.

Whitehall Lane Winery Tasting Fees

Whitehall Lane Winery Deal: Two for one tasting with your Priority Wine Pass, save $25.

V. Sattui Winery, Napa Valley (photo credit: V Sattui website)

V. Sattui Winery, Napa Valley (photo credit: V Sattui website)

V. Sattui Winery: Ultra popular winery, V. Sattui is owned by the same person who conceived, built and owns the Napa Castle, Castello di Amrosa. You’ll see plenty of similarities and V. Sattui is blessed with a full deli and expansive picnic area for its guests. No outside food allowed but you won’t care, the deli is amazing.

V. Sattui Winery Tasting Fees

V. Sattui Winery Deal: Two for one tasting with your Priority Wine Pass, save $20. Wow, that’s just $10 per person to taste here!