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Best Napa Wineries for Large Groups: Bachelorette Parties, Reunions | Local Wally's Guide to Napa

Napa's BEST wineries for big groups! Bachelorettes and wedding parties, reunions, big corporate events, take note - you CAN get discounts if you pick the right wineries to visit!

COMING TO NAPA WITH A BIG GROUP? Best Wineries for Large Groups

Best Napa Wineries for Large Groups

Planning a Napa Valley bachelorette party, corporate outing, family reunion, or just getting a bunch of friends together to go wine tasting? Then take note, most Napa wineries require groups of 8 or more to make reservations before arriving. Don’t think you can just waltz into the winery and be greeted with open arms. Most wineries in Napa will turn your large group away, leaving your friends to sulk in the parking lot while giving you the dagger eyes.

But don’t despair, I’ve been helping groups set up tasting events for years now and happy to share my tips, from finding wineries who are group friendly to showing you how to get discounts. I’ll even help you set up reservations for you with prices lower than if you did it yourself.

So relax - but not too long as you will want to make group reservations well in advance to lock in your spot.

How To Plan a Group Outing In Napa in 6 Easy Steps

  1. Pick a Date. This sounds simple but you need to pick a date and lock it down so you can check winery availability.

  2. Count Your People: Get an exact number. Some wineries will offer discounts for groups of 12 or less but charge more once you hit 13, for example.

  3. Ballpark your Budget per Person, per Winery: Figure $25 per person is cheap, $45 is normal, and $65 will get you more deluxe experiences such as cave tours or barrel tastes.

  4. Feeding Your Group: Giving a group wine without providing food is a disaster waiting to happen. Some wineries allow outside food, some have picnic areas, some have food onsite, some can cater. If you are on a budget then pick a winery that either has food for sale (let your guests pay on their own) or allows you to bring in your own picnic food.

  5. Quality, not Quantity - Planning the Day: Running around from one winery to the next might sound fun but for a group it’s best to pick one or two wineries and stay put. People are there for the wine and company, not for the bus ride. Be wary of any winery that says “come on in!” for large groups as there is nothing worse than walking into a crowded tasting room with a large group and not being able to get someone to serve you.

  6. Budget in Transportation: Hiring a driver to shuttle your group is essential so make sure you work that into your budget. I have some good connections with drivers who offer my readers discounts so reach out to me if you need help.

Wineries in Napa who love groups

popular napa wineries that allow groups

Sterling Vineyards - Loves Big Groups

The following Napa wineries are group friendly. For any group over 4 it’s always a good idea to call ahead and pay attention to their group limits to know when you are absolutely required to make reservations or work with group sales.

BERINGER VINEYARDS: Walk in’s welcome though groups of 15 or more requires group reservations.

BV WINES (BEAULIEU VINEYARDS): Make reservations for all tastings, 12 or more requires group reservations.

CASTELLO DI AMOROSA (NAPA CASTLE): Walk in’s OK, 10 or more requires reservations and everyone pays, even minors who don’t drink.

CHARLES KRUG: A popular option due to their expansive picnic area and food onsite, Krug requires groups of 12 or more to make group reservations.

DARIOUSH: 6 or more requires reservations.

DOMAINE CHANDON: 10 or more requires group reservations. Come as soon as they open as it can get packed by mid-day.

HALL WINES: Though they have a giant tasting room, Hall requires groups over 6 to have reservations.

INGLENOOK: Popular with groups because of their casual bistro, Inglenook requires groups 8 or more to make reservations.

MUMM NAPA: Walk In’s are fine until your group hits 6 or more.

ROBERT MONDAVI: Groups of 8 or more require reservations for their standard tasting. For all tours you must make reservations.

STERLING VINEYARDS: One of Napa’s most popular wineries due to their tram ride, reserve online and groups of 15 or more must work with their group sales department.

V. SATTUI: With their full deli onsite and large picnic area, every group wants to picnic at V. Sattui. But make reservations if your group is 12 or more and be ready to be turned away if you arrive without one

napa wineries who offer group discounts


You can get “off the shelf” discounts at the following wineries but there is a catch - you must have Priority Wine Passes. The wine pass is the Napa two for one pass. If you have ONE pass for every TWO people you can access these discounts. Each pass is $39.99 and is good for a year so put them in the names of people who will use them again.

BUY THE WINE PASSES HERE - Get 1 for Every 2 People

Once you have the passes you can use them at the following wineries and get 2 for 1 tastings or other discounts. Make reservations at all wineries and tell them you have the Priority Wine Pass and verify they will honor the discount. If you have any issues email me with their names and I’ll make a call for you.

TIP: Try to keep your group size to even numbers so that everyone can take advantage of the two for one discount. All fees below assume an even number of people.

Napa Wineries Where You Can Use Your Priority Wine Pass for Discounted Tastings

ANDRETTI: Cool old world feel to this winery, groups of 6 or less get two for one tastings with the Priority Wine Pass bringing the cost down to $15 per person.

AUBURNJAMES: Taste in their winery cottage, this is a private tasting experience so you get the place to yourself. They will honor the wine pass two for one for groups up to 8, bringing your fee down to $20 per person.

BERINGER VINEYARDS: Classic Napa and gorgeous winery with picnic area, groups up to 14 can use the Priority Wine Pass for two for ones bringing your cost down to $12.50 per person.

BV WINES: Another Napa classic winery, make reservations. Groups of 10 or less can use their Priority Wine Pass for two for one, bringing the fee down to $17.50 per person.

CLOS PEGASE: Eclectic architecture, elegant tasting room, they will take groups up to 100 and honor the Priority Wine Pass two for one deal, bringing the costs down to $27.50 per person for their Progressive tour of the cellars, caves, and winery.

DELECTUS: Great wines here, groups of 8 or less can use the Wine Pass for two for one. bringing your cost down to $27.50 per person.

ETUDE WINERY: Pinot lovers should not miss Etude, two for one with your wine pass up to 12 people, your cost comes to $17.50 per person with the Wine Pass.

LOUIS MARTINI: Very pretty winery, groups up to 12 can use their Priority Wine Pass for two for one, bringing your cost down to $15 per person.

PATLAND CAVE TOUR: Normally $75 per person, groups of 8 or less can use their Priority Wine Pass and get this tasting tour for $50 per person.

SWANSON VINEYARD: With a whimsical tasting Sip Shoppe and the French Countryside patio, get a private tasting for your group of 12 or less, two for one with your Wine Pass. Your cost is $20 per person.

V. SATTUI: Groups of 8 or less can get two for one tastings and access to their full deli for a great picnic lunch. Your fee comes to $10 per person with your Wine Pass.

free concierge service for large groups


Need more help? If you’re trying to lock in a group of 12 or more and getting overwhelmed just reach out to me. I offer a free concierge service to help you get reservations at rates that are lower than you can get yourself. Here is how this works:

  1. Email me with your date and number of people. Provide any details such as if you need food, transportation, if this is on a budget or if this is a deluxe event.

  2. I’ll respond within 2 days with some suggestions of wineries and the agenda.

  3. I’ll check on availability and rates for you. Once you agree you simply pay me directly with your credit card and I’ll finalize the bookings and send you confirmation info.

  4. Your rate will be cheaper than if you call yourself. Yes, I get a small finders fee directly from the winery but they pay that, not you, and there are no hidden service fees or unexpected costs.

  5. If you need transportation I will connect you with shuttle companies who offer competitive rates. Booking with them is optional, this is just something I do to help you out.

  6. The more time you give me the better off you are as wineries who allow large groups are few and far between and can book up early

  7. If you don’t like my winery picks or if your plans change, there is no fee. I only ask that if you have me do the work to get you a reservation and rate that you allow me to make the reservation so I get my fee from the winery. But there is no obligation.


wineTrainConductor copy.jpg

For a truly unique and special adventure take your group on the Napa Valley Wine Train. You can get discounts if you have a Priority Wine Pass and you just need one pass for every four people to get the discount.

Receive $25 off per person on the Gourmet Dinner, Lunch Express, or visit Castello di Amorosa (the Napa Castle) and get $25 off for wine pass member and up to 3 guests. Get $35 off for the Collective, Legacy, Estate, or Famiglia Tour.

  • Call Reservations and mention you are a Priority Wine Pass member 707-253-2111

  • NOTICE: you must show your wine pass at time of check-in!

Remember, you MUST have a Priority Wine Pass to get these discounts. The pass is $39.99 but you only need one pass to get 4 discount deals. Discounts subject to change so verify the offer when making reservations.

Top Myths About Group Tastings in Napa Valley

MYTH 1:  YOU DON'T NEED RESERVATIONS:  Totally wrong!  While there are some wineries who will allow groups of 10 of less to pop in what they don't tell you is that you can be turned away.  Castillo di Amorosa, the famous castle that attracts groups like bees to honey, is quite clear that if they hit their visitor limit they turn away people who arrive without reservations.  V Sattui, another big group destination, limits the time slots groups and shuttles or buses are allowed access.  Bottom line, make reservations!

MYTH 2:  I DON'T NEED TO PAY EXTRA FOR MY OWN SERVER:  While a small group can get away with standing in line for a break at the bar a large group should have their own area and their own server.  You want everyone enjoying the same wine as the same time, not having everyone scattered at the bar trying to get someone's attention.  Think of it this way - if you were going out to dinner with a group of 12 would you rather go to a food court or a sit down restaurant?  Avoid wineries who put you in lines.

MYTH 3:  YOU CAN POP IN WITH COUPONS OR A PHONE APP AND GET TWO FOR ONE'S!  Totally not true.  Most wineries will not accept discounts or two for one deals if you come in with a large group.  And forget about sharing tastings.  Most wineries charge by the head, not by the glass.

MYTH 4:  YOU CAN BRING IN MY OWN FOOD AND REALLY SAVE SOME MONEY:  Sorry, but most wineries have policies and restrictions on outside food.  I know some that still allow it so if this is something you want to do make sure you contact me or the wineries to verify before arriving.

MYTH 5:  YOU DON'T NEED TRANSPORTATION:  Forget about Uber or having people drive themselves, just hire a driving company.  Yes, it's expensive but if you are planning a group event you need to factor this in.  If you are really tight on budget get with me and I can show you how to do a group event where you walk to tasting rooms.  It's not quite the same as visiting wineries but after a couple of glasses no one will notice!