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Free Wine Tasting at Mumm Napa, Domaine Chandon, Robert Mondavi, Castello di Amorosa (and $19.99 Ray Bans!)

Local Wally

Napa Wine Tasting at Conn Creek Winery

Napa Wine Tasting at Conn Creek Winery

Everyone wants a deal in Napa.  After all, wine tasting in Napa has gotten super expensive with some wineries now charging $50 per person to taste... at the bar!  So I totally get why people get so excited when the see FREE COUPONS for big names like Mumm, Chandon, Mondavi, and Castello di Amorosa, the Napa castle.  There was a time when these wineries actually had deals but I haven't seen them in a long time.  That's right, save yourself some time and stop searching for winery discounts at these wineries.  And if you find a deal that's too good to be true, well, do you really think the $19.99 Ray Ban ads on Facebook are real? (spoiler:  Not real!)


As for sites offering inside knowledge on FREE NAPA WINE TASTING!!!!! - Last month there were two, this month only one -  Sutter Home .  These guys invented the terribly popular (and some suggest just terrible) White Zinfandel.  Still, free is free so there you go!  That's it.  You can find cheap or free tastings if you head up on the Sonoma side towards the Russian River but that's an entirely different beast.  


When I started Napa Tourist Guide over 10 years ago there were coupons everywhere.  My goal was to collect them all in one place so you didn't have to search.  Now that the coupons are all but gone you can still get deals but you have to pay.  Napa is filled with passports, phone apps, and other "pay to play" offers.  I did my research and keeping with the original guiding principles of my site to offer honest, advertiser free advice, I went with just one - the Priority Wine Pass. 

I met the gal who owns and runs the wine pass company and she is not only sweet but legit.  Dinner at her house usually involves Napa winemakers or others in the industry.  The Priority Wine Pass has the usual suspects such as Grgich Hills, Beringer, Krug, etc - but also offers deals at Napa's hidden gems, the boutiques who most visitors pass by on their way to the castle or tram ride.  And while I too enjoy the intensity of a busy winery bustling with crowds I like to temper that with quieter, more private experiences.  The Priority Wine Pass does a good job in balancing it out, giving my readers options, and that's why I partnered with her to help guide my readers to the best deals in Napa.

And to make sure you get your money's worth, if you buy a Priority Wine Pass and email me I will build you out a custom stop by stop agenda based on your wine preferences and my experience of which wineries I think you will love.  You want big names, you got it.  You want quieter tastings away from the crowds, I can do that too.  And I also offer advice on which wineries are worth paying full price - and which ones are not!


Since I started this site my competition for readers has grown immensely but my marketing budget is the same - zero.  If you like what I do please share it on your social media and tell your friends.  And if you decide to buy a Priority Wine Pass use my link to get my discount - you get a good deal and I get a few bucks that helps keep the site running.  You only need ONE pass for every two people to get two for one's and deep discounts - go to 2 wineries and you more than break even. 

Thanks and Enjoy Your Time in Napa!

Local Wally, 2018