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I am happy to help you plan your trip to Napa.  If you need a free winery trip planning agenda please give me as much time as you can due to the large number of requests.  I can typically turn around a custom agenda in 3 days.

Happy also to help you with restaurant and hotel recommendations, all honest and unbiased and based on my own experiences.


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One Day in Napa: Ride the Tram with the Local Wally Discount Sterling Coupon

Local Wally

Riding the Sterling Tram is more fun with $10 off!

Riding the Sterling Tram is more fun with $10 off!

New 2018 Promo Code for a $10 Discount on the Sterling Vineyards Tram Ride!

Sterling approved promo code for me is - wally10.  Go to their website and you can book the tram ride or any of their experiences with it. $10 off per person, no catch or gimmicks, just use the code.

As for where else to go, here is a nice one day agenda for you.  Get the Priority Wine Pass to get the discounts.  More on that in a bit.

Stop 1:  Andretti:  YES, AS IN MARIO ANDRETTI:  Old world setting, really pretty winery and lots of wines that are a tad on the sweeter side.  Save $25, two for one.  Plan to be there around 10:00.

Stop 2:  Grgich Hills:  FAMOUS WINERY WITH FAMOUS WINES:  If you know your Napa history you might know of Mike Grgich, the winemaker who made the chardonnay that put Napa on the map by beating the French at their own game.  Taste for yourself, two for one, save $25.  Plan to be there around 11:00.

Stop 3:  Napa Cellars:  LUNCH TIME!  Stop in at Oakville Grocery and some food and bring it up to Napa Cellars.  Get wines by the glass, two for one with wine pass.  Save $20 per person.  Plan to be there around 12:00.

Stop 4:  Beringer:  BIG NAME AND BEAUTIFUL WINERY:  No reservations required and yes, it might be crowded but it’s so beautiful here you should stop and taste.  Save $25.  Plan to be there around 2:30.

Stop 5:  Sterling:  RIDE THE TRAM:  End the day with a fun ride on the Sterling Tram to the top where you can do a self guided tour and sip some wines.  Normally $35 per person, save $10 per couple.  Plan to be there around 3:30.

Tip:  If you have time for one more stop in at Jessup Cellars tasting room (2 for 1, save $25) in Yountville, open a bit later than the wineries.  Do a last taste, dine in Yountville, good deal!  Or if you want to do something really fun go to Feast it Forward in downtown Napa next to Oxbow Market where you get a free upgrade to 6 tastings with their standard tasting, save $20.  Feast is a cool stop because they donate a lot of their money to charities plus you can bring in your own food from across the street.


As for the discounts, you get all of these deals with the Priority Wine Pass - get ONE pass only for each couple and get it here to get my discount - it will be $39.99 but it’s worth it because without it you would pay $260 per couple to taste.  With it you pay $145 - add the cost of the pass and you still save enough to buy yourself a really nice dinner.  Do more wineries, save more on the pass.  Of course you don’t have to get a wine pass but why pay more?

Remember, only buy ONE pass per couple!