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What Type of Wine Corkscrew Can You Bring on an Airplane? This one!

Local Wally

There is nothing worse than being in your hotel room ready to snuggle up with a good bottle of wine only to find out that there's no corkscrew.  How to open? Well, you could do the Shoe Trick where you put the bottom of the bottle inside a shoe and slam it on the wall, but that just doesn't seem to to have style.  Or you could jam the cork and it's crumbles into the bottle.  Or you could be smart and pack a corkscrew in your bag.

But remember, there is only ONE type of corkscrew that always passes TSA security and it’s this one. The rules were modified to include corkscrews with tiny collapsible blades (like the ones waiters use) but pity the fool who has to explain that to a TSA agent who did not get the memo! Don’t take any chances of losing a good corkscrew. Grab one of these cheapies and you are good to go.

The ONLY corkscrew you can bring on an airplane.

The ONLY corkscrew you can bring on an airplane.

Note that there is no little knife to cut the foil - it's the little knife that will have you waiting as the TSA folks tear your bags apart and send you to secondary strip search.  But this little handy corkscrew, arguably equally dangerous in the wrong hands, passes through TSA with flying colors.  At least for now!


Wait - What? Free Tastings are Back in Napa in 2019!

I know this sounds as fake as the $19.99 Ray Bays offers that flood Facebook but my readers can now get “free” wine tastings all over Napa and Sonoma, for a limited time. OK, yes, you have to buy a Priority Wine Pass to get the deals but the pass is only $39.99 and with it you get a free tasting tastings at some of Napa’s most popular wineries, including the Sterling Tram Ride (FREE, save $35), Beringer (FREE, save $25), Charles Krug (FREE tour and tasting, save $65), Grgich Hills (FREE, save $25), Jessup Cellars (FREE, save $40), and many more, 15 total in Napa alone. Buy the pass, one per person, and taste for free!