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Local Wally's BEST Napa Picnic Spots | Napa Tourist Guide

Local Wally’s Complete Napa Picnic Guide, newly updated 2019 with every winery that allows picnics and has food! EVERY picnic friendly winery in napa is right here!


Napa's 2019 Best Winery Picnic Guide

Downtown Napa

How to Plan a Picnic at a Napa Winery

There is nothing more romantic, more quintessential Napa, than the thought of tossing down a blanket in the vineyards and having a picnic.  But the reality is going to hit you like a Two Buck Chuck headache when you get shooed away before that champagne cork even hits the ground.  That's because most Napa wineries have cracked down on picnics, gone the way of free tastings and cheap Napa.

But don't give up. There are still some wineries in Napa that do allow picnics and the best ones are here in this guide, some as popular and as crowded as Woodstock and others tucked away and off the beaten path. Most make you buy a bottle so pay attention to their prices so you don't end up opening a $100 bottle to go with your Cheez-its.

Remember to grab that spare blanket and a bag of ice from the hotel!  Looking for Two for One Wineries?


Best Places to Get Picnic Foods in Napa

Bouchon Bakery:  Thomas Keller of French Laundry fame has sandwiches and breads "to go" in this popular Yountville bakery. 

Soda Canyon Market: Off the Silverado Trail, Soda Canyon has some of the very best sandwiches in the valley and reasonably priced.

The Fatted Calf:  Upscale butcher shop in downtown Napa with house-cured meats, sandwiches, & gourmet foods. 

Model Bakery:  Two locations, one in downtown Napa and the other in St. Helena. Sandwiches "to go". 

Oakville Grocery:  Country market with upscale foods, Oakville Grocery has sandwiches, breads, cheese, meats. 

Ad Hoc Addendum (Thomas Keller): Limited hours, seasonably open, but if you are lucky enough to be near Yountville when they’re serving up their famous fried chicken or ribs then you have to go. It might not make it to the winery but who cares?

Napa Wineries with Food Onsite

Napa Wineries Who Have Casual Picnic Food At the Winery

I know, there are some wineries that double as restaurants but that’s not what I’m talking about here. These wineries have food for purchase that still keeps you in the picnic zone. No outside food allowed, no outside wine either, but for those who don’t want the hassle of figuring out a picnic these are great options.

Wineries with an asterisk* have additional discounts on the Priority Wine Pass. If you don’t have a pass you can get more info here.

Charles Krug picnic area Napa

Charles Krug*

First come, first served for picnics on the lawn. Bottle purchase required for table use. Pizza oven on the weekends and lots of food choices inside. Top notch picnic spot, 2 for 1 tastings with Priority Wine Pass.


Charles Krug Official Site

Clos Pegase picnic area in Napa

Clos Pegase*

A great setting near the vineyards, make reservations and they can provide you with a complete picnic lunch to pair with a nice bottle of wine. $40 per person. You can also do two for one tastings with your Priority Wine Pass.


Clos Pegase Official Site

Inglenook Coppola Winery Napa picnic spot


One of Napa's most iconic and beautiful wineries, stop in at Inglenook where you can get a glass of wine, cheese and charcuterie at the bistro. Great for kids, too - they can borrow toy sailboats for the fountain.


Inglenook Official Site

Prime Solum Winery Napa Picnic Food Wine

Prime Solum*

A new Napa winery on the outskirts of town worthy of your attention. Prime Solum has small bites, panini's, and a relaxed atmosphere to go with your wine tasting and picnic.


Prime Solum Official Site

Swanson’s Vineyards Napa Valley Food Wine Picnic

Swanson Vineyards*

A beautiful hidden gem reminiscent of the French countryside, Swanson's doesn't allow picnics. But they can provide box lunches if you request when making reservations. My new favorite winery!


Swanson's Vineyard Official Site

V. Sattui Winery picnic area Napa

V. Sattui*

One of Napa's most popular picnic spots with a full deli and expansive lawn area. Sure, this one can get packed during high season so plan ahead and get there early. 2 for 1 tastings with Priority Wine Pass.


V. Sattui Official Site

Best Napa Picnic Spots

Napa Wineries Who Allow Outside Food and Don’t Charge for Picnic Spots

Bring your own food! Remember, proper etiquette is to buy a bottle or glasses of wine if you are going to use their picnic grounds - some even require it. Wineries marked with an asterisk * are also on the Priority Wine Pass and offer tasting discounts. Contact the winery for complete info. Need a Wine Pass? Get one per couple for 2 for 1 and other discount deals.

Anderson’s Conn Valley

Anderson's Conn Valley

Tucked away from the crowds, enjoy a picnic after your tour and tasting. They have a great cave tasting experience and allow picnics afterwards on their property.


Anderson Conn Valley Official Site

AXR Napa Winery

AXR Napa Valley*

One of Napa's hidden gems, do their private tour and tasting and enjoy a picnic after. Make reservations, box lunches also available - inquire when reserving.


AXR Napa ValleyOfficial Site

Bell Wine Cellars Winery

Bell Wine Cellars

Visit a small, family owned winery where you'll taste in the same room that houses their barrels with a fun and friendly staff. Reservations required, picnic after your tasting.


Bell Wine Cellars Official Site

Bennet Lane Winery in Napa

Bennet Lane*

Buy a bottle for every two people and get access to their members garden. Bring your own food and relax in the shade on the lawn. Pure delight!


Bennet Lane Official Site

Beringer Winery in Napa


First come, first served picnic area. Beautiful winery, first timers need to keep this one on your "must see" list. Bring a lunch and make it an afternoon.


Beringer Official Site

Bernessere Winery Napa

Bernessere Vineyard*

Italian inspired wines in Napa Valley with free picnic area for after your tasting. Reservations required but they will accept day-of reservations if there are openings.


Benessere Vineyards Official Site


Boeschen Vineyards Napa

Boeschen Vineyards*

Incredible winery experience with their lovely gardens and vintage car collection. Make reservations and enjoy the grounds with a picnic afterwards. VIP experience.


Boeschen Vineyards Official Site

Bravante Winery

Bravante Vineyards*

The stunning views high on Howell Mountail make the drive for the perfect picnic spot well worth it. Picnic area is all yours after a tour and tasting. Make reservations.


Bravante Vineyards Official Site

Photo by Buehler Vineyards

Buehler Vineyards

Come visit a family run winery where the family actually lives on the property. Incredible views and hospitality, totally worth seeking out. Make reservations at least a day in advance.


Buehler Vineyards Official Site

How to Get a Winery to Bring You Lunch

Sure, picnics are awesome but so is maximizing your wine time in Napa.  The problem with picnics is that they often put the NAP into Napa which turns into wine time you'll never get back.  Let the winery keep you on schedule by bringing you food. My two favorite wineries that do this are AXR and Clos Pegase. You’ll want to plan ahead by calling for reservations and don’t forget your Priority Wine Pass where you can get FREE tastings and tour at AXR with a $100 purchase (save $75 per person on their standard fee) or two for one tastings or tour at Clos Pegase, a $45 savings. Buy One Wine Pass per couple for $39.99 to enjoy the savings.

Carter Cellars Napa Valley

Carter Cellars

Small production of super high quality wines, the reds are very impressive. Call for reservations to visit this hidden gem and to use their picnic area. Make reservations.


Carter Cellars Official Site

David Fulton Winery Napa Valley

David Fulton Winery

David Fulton is the oldest continuously owned and operated family vineyard in the valley. In other words, expect down home hospitality and exceptional wines to go with your homegrown picnic. Make reservations.


David Fulton Winery Official Site

Dutch Henry Winery Picnic Area in Napa

Dutch Henry*

Tables & bocce ball, first come, first served. Funky friendly winery, must love dogs. A super casual winery with really great wines and picnic tables under the trees begging you to sit and enjoy.


Dutch Henry Official Site

Fairwinds Estates in Napa, picnic area

Fairwinds Estates

Small production of super high quality wines, the reds are very impressive. Call for reservations to visit this hidden gem and to use their picnic area. Make reservations.


Carter Cellars Official Site

Flora Springs Winery Napa Valley Picnic

Flora Springs Winery

Flora Springs has both a tasting room and an estate winery. Great picnic spot at the tasting room, a crazy eclectic piece of architecture.


Flora Springs Winery Official Site

Foley Johnson Winery picnic area

Foley Johnson Winery

A cool winery that's housed in a converted 1920's barn. Two bottle per person purchase required but this also waives their $35 pp tasting fee. Make reservations.


Foley Johnson Winery Official Site

Keenan Winery Napa Valley picnic spot

Keenan Winery

Discover a side of Napa that most people miss - the hidden wineries of Spring Mountain area. Beautiful hospitality center, make reservations for tastings and enjoy a picnic in a hidden gem.


Keenan Winery Official Site

Kuleto Winery Napa Valley picnic spot

Kuleto Winery

Located on the eastern edge of the Napa Valley in the hills above Rutherford, this extraordinary mountaintop estate produces a small portfolio of exceptional estate-grown wines. Make reservations.


Kuleto Winery Official Site

Laura Michaels Winery Napa picnic spot

Laura Michaels Winery

Husband and wife team making small quantities of fine wines with tastings priced like it was still 1995. Near the town of Calistoga, make reservations.


Laura Michaels Winery Official Site

Inglenook Coppola Winery, Napa


Cute family winery with kosher wines, chickens in the pens outside, and a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for a picnic after your tasting. Make reservations.


Hagafen Official Site

Frank Family Winery Picnic Area Napa

Frank Family

Picnic tables, first come, first served. Nice grounds, away from crowds, large grassy area, buy a bottle to enjoy with your "bring your own" picnic.


Frank Family Winery Official Site

Honig Vineyard Winery Picnic Spot

Honig Winery

Make reservations, Honig Winery has spectacular views. Taste inside or out, then enjoy your own picnic lunch for no additional charge.


Honig Winery Official Site

Lara Vine and Von Strasser Winery picnic in Napa

Lara Vine Winery

Recently merged with Von Strasser Winery and conveniently located in Calistoga, expect great wines combined with friendly hospitality. Make reservations.


Lara Vine / Von Strasser Official Site

Madonna Estate Winery Napa Valley

Madonna Winery

One of the oldest winemaking families in Napa also has one of the best picnic spots. Call to reserve a spot down by the creek, buy a bottle and enjoy your picnic.


Madonna Winery Official Site

Maxville Lake Napa Valley Picnic Area

Maxville Winery*

An incredible hidden gem, a short drive up takes you to a glorious winery that no one knows about. Relax by the lake and spend the entire day there. Make reservations.


Maxville Winery Official Site

Nichelini Winery picnic in Napa

Nichelini Winery

Established in 1890, Nichelini Family Winery is the oldest family-owned winery in Napa Valley. Come do a tasting, play some bocce ball, enjoy a picnic.


Nichelini Winery Official Site

Pestoni Winery picnic in Napa

Pestoni Family Estate

Family run winery, single vineyard wines, for over 5 generations. No reservations needed. Picnic area officially reserved for club members but call ahead and ask.


Pestoni Family Estate Official Site

Pope Valley Winery Napa Picnic

Pope Valley Winery*

When the Napa Valley floor is flooded with traffic and tourists you can head up to Pope Valley and enjoy the wine, some peace and quiet, and a picnic lunch.


Pope Valley Winery Official Site

Provenance Napa Valley Picnic Area


Yard games, a firepit, fun patio, and a great picnic spot on the lawn that's free to use as long as you buy their wines to enjoy. And yes, great wines and a fun environment.


Provenance Vineyards Official Site

Rombauer Winery Napa picnic area


A top pick, Rombauer is hard to find but once you do the picnic area and gardens will captivate you. Buy some wine and enjoy your picnic, no additional fees.


Rombauer Official Site

Sherwin Family Vineyards Napa Picnic Area

Sherwin Family

High on top of the hill on Spring Mountain, Sherwin Family Vineyards offers incredible views, its own lake, fountains, and an incredible patio for picnics. Very nice!


Sherin Family Vineyards Official Site

Tamber Bey Winery Vineyards Napa Picnic

Tamber Bey

If you love horses (or just horsing around) visit Tamber Bey, a winery housed in the original barn and surrounded by over 45 horses. Play some horseshoes, do some tastings, have a picnic, a great day!


Tamber Bey Official Site

Tom Eddy Winery Napa Valley Picnic

Tom Eddy Winery

With beautiful views, cave tours and barrel tastings, Tom Eddy Winery is a Napa hidden gem awaiting the discriminating wine lover. Lovely picnic area free of charge to enjoy after your tastings.


Tom Eddy Winery Official Site

White Rock Winery Napa best Picnic Spot

White Rock Vineyards

One of Napa's original wineries, White Rock is located in the Stag's Leap area and is perfect for those looking for a private tour and tasting experience - complete with picnic tables you can use afterwards.


White Rock Vineyards Official Site

Napa Valley Wineries with Picnic Grounds You Can Use With a Fee

Contrary to popular belief, not all of the best things in life are free. These popular picnic spots became so popular that they are now charging fees for picnics. Still, there’s a reason why they are still on everybody’s short list for top Napa picnic spots.

Andretti Winery Napa picnic area

Andretti Winery*

Lovely Old World setting, Andretti charges $30 per table for 1.5 hours, maximun 8 people, must purchase one bottle for every two people. Make reservations, get 2 for 1 tastings with a Priority Wine Pass.


Andretti Official Site

Napa Cellars picnic area

Napa Cellars*

One of Napa's most popular picnic spots, Napa Cellars charges $10 per person to use their picnic area. Make reservations, there's a two for one deal on the Priority Wine Pass.


Napa Cellars Official Site

Rutherford Hill Winery picnic area

Rutherford Hill*

With great views of the valley, Rutherford Hill is one of the most popular picnic spots in Napa. $75 per table, fee waived with equal of more wine purchase. Tasting discount on Priority Wine Pass.


Rutherford Hill Official Site

No picnics at these Napa wineries

There is a lot of bad and incorrect info on the internet about Napa Picnic spots. The following are wineries that consistently show up on other sites as being picnic friendly but in reality DO NOT allow picnics or are now reserved strictly for their wine club members.

  • Robert Mondavi

  • Alpha Omega

  • Cakebread

  • Castello di Amorosa

  • Clos du Val

  • Frog’s Leap

  • Grgich Hills

  • Louis Martini

  • Peju

  • Pine Ridge

  • Regusci Winery

  • Rutherford Ranch

  • Sterling Vineyards