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Happy also to help you with restaurant and hotel recommendations, all honest and unbiased and based on my own experiences.


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Free Napa Coupons: Napa on a Budget

FREE Napa winery two-for-one coupons!  You CAN visit Napa on a Budget with Local Wally's Napa Tourist Guide.  Follow me to free wine tasting, cheap winery tours, and free trip planning advice! Info on Winery Finder App Deals!

Napa on a Budget: Free Wine Tasting Coupons and Deals


Napa on a Budget: Every Free Wine Tasting Deal, Coupon  and Discount in Napa, Right Here

I remember the days when your first stop in Napa wasn't the ATM.  Back in the 80's I'd roll down the windows in my Datsun, crank up a mix tape and drop in winery after winery without a worry about cost or value.  Today wine tasting is expensive, typically $25 to $50 per person, so it's important to do a bit of planning if you're trying to do Napa on a Budget.

I was the first to put all of the 2 for 1 discount Napa wine tasting coupons in one place and today Napa Tourist Guide continues to be the #1 choice for finding wine tasting deals.  Every deal, every legit coupon, every wine tasting offer is right here. And if all of this is a bit overwhelming, email me and I'll help you pick your wineries and put them all together into a cool day agenda - for free!  Looking for Sonoma Coupons? Temecula Deals?


FREE Napa Valley Wine Tasting

What? Where??? Well, sad to say but the days of free tastings in Napa are long gone. But that’s not to say you can’t find an occasion freebie or good deal! If you’ve been coming to my site over the past decade you know that I was the guy who wrote the original “Napa on a Budget” and “Napa on a Dime” articles for TripAdvisor. Back then there were coupons and free deals which later morphed into phone apps and passports. Those have all been surpassed by the Priority Wine Pass, the discount card that’s recommended by BevMo. It’s a simple digital card you show to get discounts. No tweeting. No fake deals. Don’t be tricked by other sites that promise the world but rarely deliver. Just get the Priority Wine Pass, one per couple, and get the best deals in Napa and Sonoma. The pass is $39.99 but you’ll save $25 or more at every stop, a no brainer even for a guy like me who hates math. And guess what? Buy the pass from me and I’ll even build you a custom stop by stop agenda, for free!



The Sterling Tram Ride is one of the most fun things you can do in Napa and right now the standard tram ride and tasting flight is $10 off for my readers. No limits as to group size, no catch, no gimmicks, if you want the discount deal just email me and I’ll send it your way. Come on, everyone wants to ride the tram and the views at the top are amazing!



Napa Wineries Offering FREE Tastings

Sutter Home Napa Winery free tastings

Sutter home: last of the truly free tastings?

Yup, these are the guys who created the infamous White Zinfandel, the wine mocked by wine snobs and found in every 7/11 wine collection. It’s the wine that begs to be served over ice. Can a winery that’s committed this crime be taken seriously? Well, that’s up to you and thankfully Sutter Home still has free tastings. Tiny free tastings. You can upgrade to their premium, but why? Beautiful setting, and free wine is always a good thing, right?

277 St. Helena Hwy (Hwy. 29) South
St. Helena, CA 94574 (707) 963-3104   ext. 4208

The following free offers require a Priority Wine Pass. You get one free tasting with each pass.

Grgich Hills Tasting room

Grgich Hills: Historic Napa Winery, Save $25, M-F

If you remember the movie Bottle Shock then you might recall that in 1976 Napa beat the French in the famous “blind tastings” and that one of the key winemakers as a guy with a beret named Mike Grgich. Well fast forward around 40 years and Mike is still around and this is his winery. Old school tasting room, which I love!No reservations required, show your Wine Pass at the tasting bar. Groups of 6 or less.


Rutherford Ranch: love reds? save $30

Rutherford Ranch Vineyards is famous for their big and bold reds but also makes some great sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. Taste a flight of the wines selected by their wine maker for free with your Priority Wine Pass.

Reservations required. Groups of 4 of less. (707) 968-3200


Jessup Cellars: best yountville tasting room, save $40

Part art gallery and part tasting room, Jessup Cellars is prime time Yountville and the perfect stop at the end of your day as they are open later than the wineries and surrounded by restaurants.

No reservations required, show your Wine Pass when you arrive. Groups of 6 of less.


Conn Creek winery: Great reds, save $25

Best known for their incredible Wine Blending Seminar where you make your own bottle of wine, use your Wine Pass for $25 off the seminar or for absolutely FREE tastings at the bar. You can also get a discount for their incredible Wine Blending Seminar where you’ll create your own bottle of wine.

Reservations Required. Groups of 6 or less. (707) 963-9100


Pope Valley Winery: Explore undiscovered Napa, save $30

Sure it’s a bit of a drive to get to Pope Valley Winery but it’s well worth it if you want to explore an area of Napa that tourists haven’t discovered. This is deep hidden Napa, a real gem of a winery that could become one of your favorite stops.

No reservations required. Thanks to Napa Wine Project for the photo!


AviniDos Wines: Famous Gustavo Brambila is their Winemaker, save $35

It certainly helps when your dad is one of Napa’s most important winemakers. AvinoDos was co-founded by Lorn Brambila and Dan Dexter. Gustavo is perhaps most famous for his portrayal in the movie Bottle Shock where he worked with Mike Grigich to produce the award winning chardonnay.

Make Reservations. Groups of 6 or less. (707) 225-2350


Your priority Wine pass also gets you these freebies with purchase

AXR Winery in Napa


My Top Pick winery, come in with your Wine Pass and get 2 free tastings and private tour with a 2 bottle purchase. Save $100!

Buy Wine Pass for Free Tastings


Outland Wines

Downtown Napa tasting room, get TWO FREE tastings with a 4 bottle purchase and wine pass. Save $50.

Free Tastings for 2 with Wine Pass


Boeschen Vineyards

Family run, taste in their underground winery, tour their lovely gardens and classic car collection. Free with case purchase.

Free Tastings and Tour with Wine Pass

Chimney Rock Winery

Relic Wine Cellars

VIP's will love tasting in their caves, especially with FREE tastings with $300 purchase. Make reservations.

Buy Wine Pass for Free Tastings

Durant and Booth Winery

Long Meadow Ranch

Foodies and wine lovers pay attention! Get a wine pass and make reservations at the Chef's Table dinner and get free tastings!

Buy Wine Pass for Free Tastings


Schweiger Vineyards

Hidden gem, FREE tastings for 2, free shipping, with purchase of a case. Save $150.

Buy Wine Pass for Free Tastings

Confused? I get it, planning a trip to Napa can be overwhelming. If that’s how you feel just email me and I will help you put it all together with free, unbiased advice. I’ll help you find the best hotels, best restaurants, and best wineries, both on the Priority Wine Pass or full priced non discounted wineries. Just email me!


Get ONE Priority Wine Pass per couple to take advantage of the Two for One Deals

Wine Train and Castle

Everyone wants to ride the Napa Valley Wine Train and see Castello di Amorosa, the Napa castle. Not 2 for 1 but get $25 off per person with a Priority Wine Pass.

Email me for More Info


Andretti Winery

Two for One, this is Mario Andretti's beautiful old world winery. Great photo opps here, easy sipping wines, perfect first stop. Save $30.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

Beringer Vineyards

Beringer Vineyards

It's going to be really hard to find a more beautiful and iconic winery than Beringer. Two for one, save $25. Picnic area on the side, a "must see" for first timers.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

Charles Krug Winery

Charles Krug

One of Napa's oldest wineries with a hip refurbished interior, food options including wood fired pizzas on weekend, and two for one of their reserved tastings. Save $45.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

Louis Martini Winery

Louis M. Martini

Another iconic Napa winery that should be on your short list. Get half off two tastings with your Priority Wine Pass, save $30. Super nice winery, you'll love it here.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

Sterling Vineyards

Sterling Vineyards

The tram, the tram! Ride the tram top the top, do a self guided tour, taste in a treetop setting, does it really get any better than this? 2 for 1, save $35, no resv. required.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

Swanson Winery Napa

Swanson Winery

Too cute to believe, the Sip Shoppe is a whimsical setting for some of Napa's best wines. Call for reservations and get two for one, save $40.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

V Sattui

With an onsite deli and sprawling picnic area it's no wonder that V Sattui is a top pick. Owned by the same folks who own the Napa Castle.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings

Wm. Hill Winery

Make this one your last stop of the day, a place to relax and take in the views and ambiance away from the crowds. Half off 2 bar tastings, save $30.

Buy Wine Pass for 2 for 1 Tastings


One Pass to Rule Them All - and BevMo Approved!

There are now a number of discounters in Napa but no one offers the FREE tastings and extensive two for one deals found on the Priority Wine Pass. Use if for the free tastings and your credit card stays safely in your wallet for the weekend, saving you easily a hundred bucks a day. Want to visit more wineries? Use it for 2 for 1’s and get a free flight for your friend or companion. There really is no easier way to do Napa on a Budget. $39.99 per pass, get ONE per person to do the FREE tastings. Or if you just wanted to do 2 for 1’s get ONE pass per couple. BevMo rates this as the #1 Deal in Napa but I’ve been telling you that for years!

UPDATED 5/2019


(Deals subject to change so check directly with the wineries if you have any questions)

(Downtown Napa)

Blue Note Music Venue & Restaurant (Downtown Napa): Complimentary glass of wine and complimentary dessert *show tickets are required, see Blue Note Napa website for artists, pricing and availability. ($25 value)

Gabrielle Collection (Downtown Napa): 2 for 1 Popcorn Pairing with salt and olive oil tasting ($30 Value) Known for Chardonnay, Sauv blanc, Cab, red blends, and more

Tarla (Downtown Napa next to the Andaz Hotel): Complimentary Chefs Choice Appetizer with Priority Wine Pass ($10-$12 Value)

Gustavo Wines (Downtown Napa next to the Oxbow Market):- 2 for 1 tasting flight and 20% off shipping ($18+ SAVINGS) Known for: Red Blends, Cab, Chardonnay, Merlot

Krupp Brothers Tasting Room (Downtown Napa):-Complimentary upgrade from our Signature flight to our Reserve Flight for two ($40 Savings) Known for: Red blends, Cab

Feast It Forward (Downtown Napa next to the Oxbow Market):- 10% off wine purchases or wines by the glass Known for: A bit of everything (outside food welcome to bring in to enjoy with your tasting or a bottle purchase)

Learn How To Taste Wine with Victor Orozco (Downtown Napa next to the Oxbow Market): Victor is a level 3 Somm who hosts private morning lessons where you can learn about the ways of tasting and then can go out and use those skills at the wineries during the day. Normally $90pp wine pass members and guests receive the class for $65pp w/reservation: 707-812-9292

Outland Wines (Downtown Napa):-2 complimentary tastings with 4 bottle purchase ($50 SAVINGS) Known for: An array of wines ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir, to Trousseau and Riesling

JaM Cellars (Downtown Napa):- 2 for 1 tasting flight ($20+ SAVINGS) Known for: Chardonnay, Sparkling, Red blends…open LATE!

Winetasting on First: (Downtown Napa):- Happy Hour Glasses of Wine All the time & Two Complimentary tasting tastings with the purchase of One Bottle ($15+SAVINGS) Known for: Red Blends, White Blends,Chardonnay, Cab, Pinot, Petite Sirah

Cornerstone Cellars (Village at Vista Collina Resort in Napa):-  One Complimentary Tasting per wine pass($30 SAVINGS) Known for:Sauv Blanc, Riesling, Cab, Pinot, Zin, Syrah

Cornerstone Cellars (Downtown Napa):- One Complimentary Tasting per wine pass($30 SAVINGS) Known for:Sauv Blanc, Riesling, Cab, Pinot, Zin, Syrah

Wine Train Gourmet Lunch or Dinner: (Downtown Napa) $25 off tickets pass members and up to 3 guests ($80 Savings) Reservations required please call (707) 253-2111 and mention you are a wine pass member during booking. At check-in please bring ID and wine pass to obtain special pricing. 

Castello Di Amorosa Wine Train Tour: (Downtown Napa) $25 off tickets for pass members and up to 3 guests ($80 Savings) Reservations required please call (707) 253-2111 and mention you are a wine pass member during booking. At check-in please bring ID and wine pass to obtain special pricing. 

Collective/Estate/Legacy/Famiglia Wine Train Tours: (Downtown Napa) Receive $35 off tickets for pass members and up to 3 guests based on availability ($140 Savings) Reservations required please call (707) 253-2111 and mention you are a wine pass member during booking. At check-in please bring ID and wine pass to obtain special pricing. 


Bouchaine (Napa/Carneros) Offer TBD..please return for future update Known for: Pinot, Chardonnay, Riesling, Rose

Etude (Napa/Carneros): 2 for 1 Walk-In Tasting (Save $25) Known for: Pinot, Cab, and Chardonnay

Ceja Vineyards (near Carneros Brewery in Sonoma) 15% off in-person wine purchases ($20SAVINGS) Known for our Pinot, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose, Red Blend, Merlot, Syrah, Cab, and Late Harvest/Dessert Wine.

Leaf & Vine Winery (Napa): 50% off tasting and meet the winemaker ($15+SAVINGS) Known for: Zinfandel, Sauv Blanc, CAB, Petite Sirah

Avinodos (Napa):-One Complimentary Tasting and Barrel Tasting and a meet and greet with the winemaker  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY($20 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc and Malbec

Shadybrook Estate Winery (Coombsville): With a reservation Enjoy a complimentary upgrade from our wine only Savor Shadybrook Tasting ($45 per person) to our wine, cheese and charcuterie Perfect Pairing Tasting (Normally $65 per person). This offer is available for parties up to 4 guests. Please call or see welcome email with special booking link

Ancien (Coombsville): Recieve a tour and tasting for $25pp (for up to 4) with reservations Known for: Pinot and Chardonnay

Judds Hill (Silverado Trail Napa):-  2 for 1 Tasting BY APPOINTMENT ONLY($25 SAVINGS) or Cardholders will enjoy a special rate of $100 per couple (normally $135) for the Judd’s Hill Wine and Food in Balance Seminar. (RESERVATION required) Known for: Pinot, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Syrah, Cabs, Meritage, Blends

Black Stallion (Silverado Trail Napa):- 2 for 1 tastings ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: Cab, Merlot, Syrah, Zin, Pinot, Chardonnay, Viognier, Red blends, Dessert wine

Hagafan (Silverado Trail Napa):- 2 for 1 tastings BY APPOINTMENT ONLY(except Holidays & Saturdays)($25 SAVINGS) Known for: Riesling, Late Harvest, CAB, Merlot, Tempranillo, Red blends, Sparkling, Sweet wines, pinot

Andretti (Napa):  2 for 1 discount for Napa Valley Tasting (1 offer per wine pass; max group of six; walk-ins only) and 10% off wine purchases of 6 bottles or more. ($30 SAVINGS) Known for:  Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese, Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon.

William Hill Estate Winery (Napa): Enjoy half off the purchase of two Overlook Bar Tastings by appointment only ($30 Savings) Known for: Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Cab, Red blends

Relic Wine Cellars (Off of Silverado Trail Napa): Complimentary Private Tasting for Two with a $300 purchase or $40 tasting fee per person (this winery is allocation only, so members receive access to this winery to purchase their wine when otherwise you would not be able to do so. Known for: Pinot, Petite Sirah, Cab Franc

Patland Cave Experience (Off of Silverado Trail Napa): Receive $50 off a Tour and Tasting for 2 (normally $75pp)…reservations is required (Save $50) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Rose, Syrah, Zin, Malbec, Cab, Prop Red Blend, and Port

Pine Ridge (Silverado Trail Napa): 20% off the Cave Tour and Tasting (with cheese pairing) with reservations and tours are held daily at 10am and 2pm. Call for reservations Known for: Chardonnay, Late Harvest, Sangiovese, Pinot

Miner (Oakville):2 for 1 “Walk-In Bar Tasting” or 2 for 1 “Public Tour & Tasting” by appointment. Email for reservations. Known for: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Viogner, Sauvignon Blanc, and many others.


Hill Winery (Yountville): 50% off tasting for up to Two People ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauv Blanc, White Blends, Rose, Cabs, Red blends

V Cellarplace (Yountville): 2 for 1 tasting experience and 15% off wine purchases ($25+ SAVINGS) Known for: A bit of everything!

Travel Food & Wines (Yountville): Complimentary tasting experience per wine pass and with reservation ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: The unique and hard to find wines of Napa Valley (By Appt Only: email:

Jessup Cellars (Yountville): One Complimentary Tasting per pass  ($40 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Cab, Pinot, Zin, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Cab Franc, Port

Girard Tasting Room (Yountville):  2 for 1 Tasting at the downtown Yountville location ($30 Savings) Known for: Chardonnay, Cab, red blends

Napa Wine Cellars (Oakville):-2 for 1 Reserve Tasting for up to 4 guests ($60 Savings): Known for: Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Cab, Zin, Merlot, Pinot, & Syrah

(Rutherford/St. Helena)

Elizabeth Spencer (Rutherford): Complimentary Upgraded tasting for 2 with purchase of charter tasting (reservations are recommended) ($25 SAVINGS ) Known for: Chardonnay,Riesling, Rose, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Cab,Grenach

BV- Beaulieu Vineyards (Rutherford): 2 for 1 tasting ($30 Savings) Known for: Cab, Chardonnay, Pinot, Muscat

Swanson Vineyard (Rutherford): 2 for 1 Sip Shoppe Tasting with reservation ($40 Savings) Known for: Cab, Merlot, Zin, Sangiovese, Petit Sirah, Pinot, Chardonnay, Viognier, Rosato, Late Harvest

Provenance Vineyards (Rutherford): 2 for 1 Walk-in Tasting ($30 Value) Known for: Cabs, red blends, rose, chardonnay, sauv blanc

Frogs Leap (Rutherford): Priority Wine Pass member and guest receive an “extra splash” with prior reservation ($10 Value) Known for: Merlot, Zin, Petite Sirah, Red blends, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose

Rutherford Hill Winery (Rutherford off Silverado Trail): Complimentary upgrade to a Signature Tasting for 2. Plus, enjoy 10% savings on wine purchases.($30+ SAVINGS ) Known for: Red blends, Cabs, Merlot

Rutherford Ranch Winery (Silverado Trail St. Helena): One Complimentary Tasting per wine pass (BY APPT ONLY) : Enjoy a selection of four to five wines from our portfolio, both red and white wines, rotated seasonally ($40 SAVINGS) Known for: Cab (several only available at the winery), Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Zin and Rhiannon, a proprietary red blend.

Conn Creek Winery (Silverado Trail St. Helena): Complimentary Anthology Saloon Tasting with reservation OR 2 for 1 Walk-in Bar tasting  OR $25 off of one Barrel Blending Experience®, up to 4 guests w/reservations  ($100 Savings)

Grgich (St. Helena): Monday-Friday Only One Complimentary Tasting per wine pass ($25SAVINGS) Known for: Chardonnay, Cab, Zin, and red blends

White Hall Lane (St. Helena): 50% off tasting for 2 people walk-in OR 2 for 1 Reserve Tasting in their Members Lounge with reservation ($50 SAVINGS)  Known for: Rose, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Cab, Merlot, Pinot, Red blends, Dessert Wine

Delectus (St. Helena): 2 for 1 Walk-in Classic Tasting or 2 for 1 Historic Tasting with reservation ($55 SAVINGS) Known for: Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Sauv Blanc

Prager Port (St. Helena): 10% discount on a purchase of 6 bottles. 20% discount on a purchase of one case. ($20+SAVINGS) Known for: PORT

V.Sattui (St. Helena): Two for One Tastings ($20 SAVINGS): Known for: CABS but they have over 60 varietals and several sweet wines!

Louis M. Martini (St. Helena): Enjoy half off the purchase of two Crown Bar Tastings ($30 Savings) Known for: Rose, Cab, Red blends, Zin, Merlot, Malbec, Petite Sirah

Long Meadow Ranch (St.Helena): Receive 2 Complimentary Mayacamas Estate Tours with the purchase of a Chefs Table Dinner ($150 Savings) Email: to make reservations and to learn more

Davies Vineyard (St.Helena): Purchase a Sparkling or Pinot Flight and receive a complimentary upgrade to a combination flight by appointment ONLY ($50 savings) OR Bubbles and Caviar brunch…$50off per person (normally $130pp)  Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am. OR the basics of wine pairings with cheese $35off per person (normally $95pp) Monday through Saturday at 11  and reservations are required  Known for their Schramsberg Sparking wine and Davies Pinots and Cabs

Beringer Winery (St. Helena): 2 for 1 Tasting ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: Reds, Whites, and Blends

Schweiger Vineyards (St. Helena/Spring Mountain): Complimentary Tasting for Two and For Two with a Case purchase & receive free shipping ($150 Savings) Known for: Chardonnay, Cabs, Port

Trinchero Winery (St. Helena): 20% off our Winemaker’s Selection tasting for wine pass holder and guest. Reservations are required ($30 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Merlot, Cab, Petite Verdot, Cab Franc, Meritage

Boeschen Vineyards (St. Helena): With 2 Red bottle purchases receive Complimentary Tastings and tour of the underground winery, Victorian gardens, and classic car collection for TWO people  by appt only. Please phone the winery (707 963-3674) or send an email ($150 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Rose, Petite Verdot, Estate Blends, Cab

Benessere (St. Helena): Complimentary Tour and Extra Pour of their Reserve Wine with reservation: email  , ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, and other Italian style wines

Maxville Estate Winery (St.Helena near Pope Valley): 2 for 1 Historic Winery Cave Tour and Tasting or 2 for 1 Cave Tour and Cheese and Wine Pairing w/reservations  ($85 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Cab Franc, Cab Sauv, & Petit Sirah

Auburn James (Silverado Trail in St. Helena): 50% off Tasting/Tour for up to 2 people with Reservation, ($40 SAVINGS) Known for: Chardonnay, Cab, Pinot, Red Blends

Ladera Vineyards (St. Helena):Receive the private tasting experience ($60 a person) at the price of our outdoor experience ($35 a person). Member and up to 3 guests may take advantage of this offer.Reservation is required ($100 SAVINGS) Known for: Chardonnay, Cab, Red Blends, Pinot, Malbec, Sauv Blanc, Rose

AXR Napa Valley at V Madrone Vineyard (St.Helena/Calistoga): 2 Complimentary Tastings with 2 bottle purchase Reservation Required ($100 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Red blends, Cab

Charles Krug (St. Helena): 2 for 1 Walk-in Tasting OR An estate tour and tasting for the price of a reserve tasting with reservation ($65 Savings) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Malbec, Red blends, Cab, Chard

(Calistoga/Deer Park/Angwin/)

Burgess Cellars (Howell Mountain): One Complimentary Tasting in the cellar experience with two bottle purchase and reservations are required ($30 Savings) Known for: Estate Cabs, Red blends, Merlot, Grenache, Chardonnay, Syrah, Petit Sirah

Pope Valley (Pope Valley): One Complimentary Tasting per wine pass ($30 SAVINGS) Known for: Sparkling, Chenin Blanc, Rose, Sangiovese, Merlot, Malbec, Cab, Port

Madrigal Family Winery (Calistoga): Complimentary Private Tasting for 2 with two bottle purchase….By Appointment Only & Vineyard Lunch with tasting for $85 (normally $100pp)($70 SAVINGS) Known for: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Gewurztraminer, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and small lots of single vineyard and estate wines.

Amici Cellars (Calistoga): 15% off on a CASE purchase ($40+ SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Red blends, Cab

Envy Wines(Calistoga): 2 for 1 Tasting before Noon ($20 SAVINGS) Known for: Syrah, Cab, Petite Sirah, Red blends, Rose, Sauv blanc, and Late harvest!

Summers Estate(Calistoga): 2 for 1 Tasting with PRIOR APPOINTMENT ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: CAB, Chardonnay, Charbono, Merlot, Malbec, Red blends, Muscat

Dutch Henry (Silverado Trail Calistoga):  2 FOR 1 WALK-IN Current Release Tasting OR 2 for 1 Collectors Tasting with barrel Sample ($35 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Rose, Pinot, Red blends, Cab, Cab Franc, Merlot, Syrah, Zin, Petite Sirah

Picayune Cellars (Calistoga): 2 for 1 Tasting or Complimentary upgrade to the Music and Wine Pairing with the purchase of a standard tasting ($25 SAVINGS) Known for: Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc, Pinot, and Red Blends

Clos Pegase (Calistoga): 2 for 1 Estate tasting Or 2 for 1 Progressive Tour & Tasting w/reservation and 10% off wine purchased that day ($45+SAVINGS) Known for: Pinot, Cab, Merlot, Syrah, Red blends, Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Port, Rose

Girard Calistoga (Calistoga): 2 for 1 Seated tasting with reservation (Save $45) Known for: Cab, Red blends, Chardonnay, Sauv Blanc,

Sterling (Calistoga): 2 for 1 walk-in tasting ($35 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Chardonnay, Cab, Red blends

Brian Arden (Silverado Trail Calistoga): Sunday- Monday Receive 50% off of the wine flight tastings for up to 2 people 10% off select wines Sorry, no shared tastings.  One pass per two people($30 SAVINGS) Known for: Sauv Blanc, Rose, Chardonnay, Cab, Red blends

Bennette Lane Winery (Calistoga): Complimentary Upgrade to a Private Seated Tasting for Priority Wine Pass Holders (valued at $30 per couple) for our Signature Tasting Price of $40! Limited to groups size of 6 or less and by appointment only.