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Happy also to help you with restaurant and hotel recommendations, all honest and unbiased and based on my own experiences.


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NAPA ON A BUDGET | Local Wally's FREE Wine Tasting Coupons

FREE Napa winery two-for-one coupons!  You CAN visit Napa on a Budget with Local Wally's Napa Tourist Guide.  Follow me to free wine tasting, cheap winery tours, and free trip planning advice! Info on Winery Finder App Deals!

Napa on a Budget: Free Wine Tasting Coupons and Deals


Napa on a Budget: Every Free Wine Tasting Deal, Coupon  and Discount in Napa, Right Here

I remember the days when your first stop in Napa wasn't the ATM.  Back in the 80's I'd roll down the windows in my Datsun, crank up a mix tape and drop in winery after winery without a worry about cost or value.  Today wine tasting is expensive, typically $20 to $25 per person, so it's important to do a bit of planning if you're trying to do Napa on a Budget.

I was the first to put all of the 2 for 1 discount Napa wine tasting coupons in one place and today Napa Tourist Guide continues to be the #1 choice for finding wine tasting deals.  Every deal, every legit coupon, every wine tasting offer is right here. And if all of this is a bit overwhelming, email me and I'll help you pick your wineries and put them all together into a cool day agenda - for free!  Looking for Sonoma Coupons?


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My Latest Money Saving Blog Posts

Want to Stay at a Napa Winery?

Dreaming of staying at an actual winery in Napa?  Now my readers get an special offer - rent a room, rent a villa, or rent the entire house at one of Napa's most beautiful wineries. Prices start at $400 per night for a 1 BR, $600 per night for 2 BR, and if you're coming with a group the 8 BR is only $2,200 a night. That's a great deal, not much more than a hotel room.

To find out more just email me.  I'll hook you up with the winery owner to work out the dates and rates with him.  It's the ultimate Napa lodging destination.  (3 night minimum stay).

Note:  I do my best to keep these deals up to date but winery offers can change without notice so it's always a good idea to call ahead to verify the deal. More deals pop up as well that may not be on this page so it's cool to email me and I'll fill you in!

Downtown Napa winery wine tasting deals

Mark Herold Wines

Fun, funky downtown wine tasting room, Mark Herold offers both whites and reds in a cheery, somewhat eclectic setting. Wine and chocolate pairings, energetic staff, great music, a solid stop when downtown.


Get Free Tastings - Click for Deal Details


PureCru makes limited, handcrafted wines - the good stuff! Now get a terrific deal, get Happy Hour glasses of wine and 2 free tastings with purchase of a bottle with your Priority Wine Pass.

Happy Hour All Day - Click for Deal Details

Square 1

Casual and fun downtown tasting bar with beer and wine, get a 2 for 1 glass of sparkling wine with your Wine Pass. Great spot for beer lovers too, Square 1 is cool and casual.

2 for 1 Sparkling - Click to See Deal

Napa Valley Home

Did you know we have a store? Get your farmhouse style on with hand selected home and garden goods by my wife Jamie at Napa Valley Home and Garden. Also visit her handcrafted store at Shop on a Lark.

Visit Napa Valley Home and Garden

Platypus Tours

Looking for the best Napa tour company? I love Platypus! They'll pick you up at your hotel and take you around Napa or Sonoma, lunch included. No fuss, no winery decisions, just get in and go!

Tell Them Local Wally Sent You!

Twenty Rows

20 Rows is a family run winery with award winning Cabernet Sauvignon but whites and other reds well represented. Affordable yet highly drinkable, fun atmosphere.

Make Reservations - Click for Deal Details

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Are There Other Ways to Save Money in Napa?

OK, so you got your wine tasting on a budget figured out now (thanks Wally) but you ain't out of the woods yet! Check out the prices for hotels and restaurants and you'll be clutchingyour wallet as if a band of gypsies were following you. That's why I just added two new sections - Napa's BEST Airbnb's and a new blog post Napa's BEST Cheap Eats. Check them both out and save some of that hard earned cash for more wine. And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter as I'll send quick updates on new offers to my subscribers, some that are exclusive to the newsletter.

Wine tasting deals around southern napa valley

Andretti Winery

Every wondered what Mario Andretti is doing these days? He's making wine in one of Napa's prettiest settings, a bit of Old World meets Tuscany. Save $24 with your Wine Pass, lots of wine choices.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details


If you paid attention in the movie Bottle Shock the name Gustavo Brambila might ring a bell as the wine maker who worked with Mike Grgich to produce a wine that beat the French. Now try his new wines.

2 for 1 Barrel Tasting, Meet the Winemaker

Bourassa Winery

Beautiful old world sort of tasting room, a classy affair with Vic Bourassa often stopping by the tables to chat. Don't let the industrial park setting keep you away - these are stellar wines and fun experience.

2 for 1 Tasting, Click for Deal Details

Ceja Vineyards

Amazing success story of how a grape picker of Mexican descent was given a chance and ended up producing award winning wines. A family run winery, feels like you're part of the family when you visit.

2 for 1 Fri-Sun - Click for Deal Details

Hagafen Cellars

Off the Silverado Trail, Hagafen Cellars is one of my favorites, a small winery with beautiful vineyard views and lots of wine choices, including a nice sparkling to start your day. And hey, their wines are Kosher.

2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Humanitas Winery

Not your typical Napa winery. There's no giant cathedral, no opulent surroundings. Instead there are vinyl records in an urban setting. Great wines and 20% of the profits goes to charities, very cool!

Sorry, no deals right now :-(

Discounted Drivers

No one wants to be the Designated Driver in Napa - unless you are Barry from Napa Valley Tours who will take you around in his luxury vehicles. Check out Barry's deal and all the other offers in Napa!

Napa Valley Transportation Deals

Judd's Hill

Tucked away from the crowds and tourists is Judd's Hill, an ultra premium winery making just 3,000 cases. Get 30% off their Food and Wine Balance Seminar (resv. req) or pop in for a 2 for 1 tasting. Top Pick!

Food & Wine Pairing - Click for Details

Leaf & Vine

Single vineyard, single varietal wines, Leaf & Vine offers a wine tasting experience many thought gone - to taste with the person who made the wines. Simple, unpretentious, a great experience.

Sorry, no deals at this time :-(

Do the Math And See Why the Wine Pass is Worth It

If you figure that each winery stop will cost you $25 per person to taste and tours will cost you $50 per person, getting two for one's with the Priority Wine Pass means you break after your second stop! As long as you are going to taste at two or more wineries you should get the Wine Pass. Five winery stops in a day will save you $125 on average on tasting fees per day.

Get the Priority Wine Pass ($39.99 per couple with promo code localwally)

Miner Family Winery

Looking for a winery with a view? Miner Family, located on the Silverado Trail on a hillside, will do the trick. Lovely setting, outdoor patio, walk-in's get a two for one tasting with your Priority Wine Pass.

2 For 1 (except Sat) - Click for Details

Trinitas Cellars

Located in the Meritage Resort, taste in their luxury wine caves, explore the vineyards and then stay for lunch. Oh heck, how about a wine and chocolate pairing, 2 for 1 of course!

2 For 1 (except Sat) - Click for Details

River Terrace Inn

Located in Downtown Napa on the river and near the Wine Train station, The River Terrace Inn is one of my favorite places to stay in Napa. Contemporary rooms, moderate price, a solid pock.

15% Off Lowest Rate - Click for Details
Buy Wine Pass with my Discount

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Yountville Wine Tasting Deals

B Cellars

One of the BEST Wine and Food pairing programs in Napa. High end, elegant, sit down lunch style tasting experience. Great wines here paired with gourmet foods, a delight.

Sorry, no deals at this time :-(

Bell Wine Cellars

Easily one of my favorite wineries in Napa, Bell Wine Cellars offers a Grape to Glass tour that takes you through the wine making process and into the winery to sip some of Napa's most delicious wines.

Half Off Grape to Glass Tour - Save $50

Consentino Winery

Consentino Winery is the first stop when you come into the valley. Makers of The Poet, America's first designated Meritage blend, come relax on their sunny patio while tasting their wide assorment of wines.

Two for One - Click for Deal Details


Cornerstone Cellars

What sets Cornerstone Cellars apart are the people working there. I get lots of positive feedback on both the wines and the seated wine tasting experience in a very lovely setting.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Hill Family Estate

A fun and somewhat funky tasting room with eclectic furnishings (antiques, electric guitars, retail items), Hill Family has both reds and whites and is open until 6PM, making it a nice last stop before dinner.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Jessup Cellars

Is this a wine tasting room or an art gallery? Surprise, it's both, making it a fun wine tasting experience. Choose between walk-in bar tastings or go tableside tasting tasting in the art gallery. How fancy you are!

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Coming with a Group?

Believe it or not most wineries are not too happy when your bachelorette party of 8 or more pulls into the parking lot - unless you listen to me and go to the group friendly wineries who also offer discounts.

Check Out Local Wally's Group Discounts

Silver Trident

Sample wines while sitting in a Ralph Lauren showroom. Chairs so comfy you wont want to leave, each tasting comes with a food pairing to kick it up a notch. Winery dog knows to stay off the couch.

No Current Deal as of 3/17 - Come Back Later

V Wine Cellars

Guys, don't throw a fuss when your spouse wants to go shopping at V Marketplace. Instead steer her over to V Wine Cellars and taste some of Napa's most exclusive wines, two for one.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

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Where Can I Find Budget Dining in Napa Valley?

Finding Napa dining on a budget is easy - just follow the locals! Within my dining guides I've included some of the best cheap eats in Napa next to the big name and big budget options. And check for restaurants with no corkage fee (Rutherford Grill comes to mind), a good way to splurge on your dining while still coming out within budget.

RESTAURANT GUIDES:  Downtown Napa  |  Yountville  |  St. Helena & Rutherford  |  Calistoga

St Helena, Oakville, Rutherford Wine Tasting Deals

Auburn James Winery

Rated by my readers as a top pick! One of my most favorite Napa wineries, Auburn James is a hidden gem. Taste in an intimate setting inside their winery cottage, call ahead and they'll even bring in lunch.

Two for One Tasting

Ballentine Vineyards

With over 100 years in the valley Ballentine Vineyards has seen it all yet continues to stay small, charming, and family run. Understated tasting room in semi-industrial setting and luscious wines.

Get 2 for 1 OR Free Tastings with Purchase

Beringer Vineyards

NEW! Half off! One of Napa's most famous wineries, Beringer is an awesome sight to see and offers numberous tours and tasting options. Get the Priority Wine Pass for 50% off their Old Winery Tasting.

Click for Beringer Discount Coupon


Conn Creek Winery

If you really want to understand wine you need to blend your own and Conn Creek Winery has the best blending experience in Napa. If time is tight just come in for a standard tasting experience, two for one.

$50 Off Blending for Two or 2 for 1 Tasting

Conn Valley Winery

Incredible winery, taste in small groups deep inside their caves, some wines straight from the barrel. Beautiful drive up a winding road, a hidden gem of a winery and one of Napa's best cave experiences.

$30 Off Cave Tasting for Two

Elizabeth Spencer

A small tasting room with a nice patio, this is a great stop whether you're a serious wine lover or just love wines. Across the street is Rutherford Grill, an essential dining spot with no corkage fee.

Free Tasting with Purchase - Click for Deal

Grgich Hills Estates

If you know your Napa history then you know that Mike Grgich was the winemaker who made the chardonnay that beat the French in 1976 - Remember the movie Bottle Shock? Small, intimate, iconic.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Napa Cellars

Home of Menage a Trois, Napa Cellars offers up easy to sip wines and an open picnic area - bring in your own food, get a glass or bottle and enjoy the laidback atrmosphere and downhome charm.

Get 2 for 1 glass or tastes - Click for Deal

Madrigal Winery

Madrigal Winery

Jacinto Madrigal came to the Napa Valley from Mexico in 1938, farming the orchards of apples, pears, walnuts and grapes. His son, Jess, went on to winegrowing which today farms 800 acres of premium vines.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Prager Port Works

Indulge in a flight of port tastings at Prager Winery and Port Works. Worth a stop just to see the wall and ceiling with dollar bills stapled to them like wallpaper. Chocolates available to complete your decadance.

10% Discount - See Deal for Details


An offshoot of Duckhorn Winery - Pair of Ducks? Get it? One of my favorites for their big, bold red blends and friendly hospitality. Coming with a group of 10 to 16? Paraduxx gives Wine Pass groups VIP treatment.

Check the Deal for Large Groups

Pine Ridge Winery

Pine Ridge produces some of Napa's finest wines and is an essential stop for wine lovers, now much more affordable with your Wine Pass. Picnic area, wine caves, appointment only.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Rutherford Ranch

When people ask me where to go for Big Reds I always recommend Rutherford Ranch Winery where you get a two for one seated Reserve tasting with your Wine Pass. Great white wines, too.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Platypus Tours

Let's keep it simple. When you want to do a quick tour of Napa or Sonoma and not worry about driving or picking wineries just book a day with Platypus and let them do all the hard work while you sip wine.

Tell them Local Wally Sent You!

Get a Wine Pass

Do you really want to pay full price for wine tasting? With most wineries charging $25 to $35 per person to taste you can see how spending $39.99 per couple for a card that gets you 2 for 1's pays for itself.

Get a Wine Pass with my Discount Code


Saddleback Winery

Incredible winery, taste in small groups deep inside their caves, some wines straight from the barrel. Beautiful drive up a winding road, a hidden gem of a winery and one of Napa's best cave experiences.

$30 Off Cave Tasting for Two

Silverado Vineyards

Located on a hilltop on the Silverado Trail the views are stunning, espeically on a nice sunny day where you can taste on their expansive patio. Yes, it's big and corporate but the views, ahh the views!

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Trinchero Napa Valley

A luxurious and beautiful winery, newly remodeled and looking like it's been here forever. Yes, they created White Zin but now produce much more serious wines that rival some of Napa's best.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Sonoma Coupons?

I got you covered! Visit Local Wally's Guide to Sonoma for every wine tasting deal from the plaza to the Russian River. Now updated with FREE wine tasting deals. That's right, FREE wine!

Visit Local Wally's Guide to Sonoma

V. Sattui

One of Napa's most popular wineries right next to the Napa Castle, it's sister winery. Full deli, stop in for a lovely picnic (no outside food allowed) though always have a backup plan in case it's too busy.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details
Buy Wine Pass with my Discount

Whitehall Lane

You can't miss Whitehall Lane with it's purple and mustard exterior and you shouldn't if you like exceptional Napa wines at an affordable price. Make reservations for free cheese platter w reserve tastings

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

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Calistoga Wine Tasting Deals

Amici Cellars

Amici Cellars started when a few friends who loved wine decided to crush their own grapes. The result was so well recieved that they opened their own winery the next year. Fun, friendly, a good stop.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

August Briggs Winery

Cute winery in downtown Calistoga, August Briggs is a family run winery making very small batches of both white and red wines. You'll like the friendly atmosphere combined with the excellent wines.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Bennet Lane Winery

Small, cozy, unpretentious winery with beautiful outside seating, views of the vineyard, friendly staff, and typically uncrowded due to its location away from the main highway.

Free Upgrade to Seated Reserve Tasting

Brian Arden Wines

A new state of the art winery, beautiful contemporary tasting room, outside seating, and lots of wine choices for those who love it all. Lovely views, a modern farmhouse setting, friendly staff.

Get 2 for 1 (except Wed and Sat)

Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa, aka The Napa Castle, is a full scale castle that looks straight out of Game of Thrones - including a real torture chamber. Busy during summer months, opt for the tour to avoid crowds.

Free Tasting with Purchase - Click for Deal

Clos Pegase

Modern architecture, thanks to designer Michael Graves, is the first thing you notice at Clos Pegase. Eclectic, unusual, a bit grand though the wines are highly approachable. Nice grounds, lunch options.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Dutch Henry Winery

If castles and marble columns is what you're looking for you won't find it at Dutch Henry, a delightflully simple winery set among oak trees and picnic tables. You can spend a lot of time here relaxing as you sip.

Get 2 for 1 - Click for Deal Details

Envy Wines

Veteran Napa winemaker, Nils Venge, teams up with vintner, Mark Carter, to bring you a little slice of wine country heaven. From the outside, you may think you‘re sitting on a Tuscan terrace.

Get 2 for 1 before Noon - Click for Details

Ladera Vineyuards

Estate grown and produced hillside Cabernet Sauvignon focused on Howell Mountain Appellation Cabernet. Beautiful setting, a historic 1886 restored stone winery with underground barrel caves.

Get 2 for 1 M-F (appt only) - Click 4 Details
Buy Wine Pass with my Discount


Pope Valley Winery

Far away from the crowds, take the scenic drive to Pope Valley Winery for a different view of what Napa is all about. Authentic experience, friendly staff, a quiet and unpretentious winery. Recommended.

Free Tastings - Click for Deal Details

Sterling Vineyards

First timers to Napa love Sterling Vineyards and for good reason - the tram ride to the top of the mountain is as fun as Disneyland and the views at the top stunningly beautiful. Self guided tour.

Free Upgraded Tasting - Click for Details

Get a Wine Pass!

No messing with coupons that expire, no tweeting on a phone app, no fake deals. That's why I recommend the Priority Wine Pass, the best way to get Napa wine tasting deals. Use link below for my discount.

Get a Wine Pass Now - Click for Deal

So Many Wineries!  How do I pick the best ones?

You don't have to!  Just email me at least 3 days in advance with your Wine Pass confirmation number and I'll help you pick the best wineries to visit based on whether you are looking for big names or boutiques, fun wineries or serious, and red, white or sparklings. 

I'll put together a full day agenda in the order you should visit them and will even include lunch or picnic stops and dinner recommendations if you need them.  All for free, or course, and all 2 for 1 tastings.

More FREE Napa Wine Tasting Coupons and Deals!

The days of endless coupons for Napa Wine Tasting are just about over but I've collected all the ones I could find that are not duplicated and put them here. Coupons on my site never make you sign in and give up your contact info to get a deal. There's no tweeting, no fake come -on coupons ("come back later"), every deal here is real and legit. 

Beringer Vineyards:  20% off Reserve Tasting

Chimney Rock:  Free logo glass with tasting, Silverado Trail

Flora Springs Winery: 2 for 1 tasting, free coupon, St Helena area

Holman Cellars:  Meet the winemaker

Huge Bear Wines:  2 for 1, free coupon, Calistoga area

Louis Martini Winery:  Free extra pour, St Helena area

William Hill Winery:  Free popcorn upgrade, Silverado Trail

Standard Disclaimer:  While I do my best to keep these offers up to date know that wineries can change offers at any time and often do not notify me. Not responsible for winery offer changes so please contact each winery prior to your visit to confirm their offer. Many wineries hire seasonal staff who are not aware of offers so always for the tasting room manager if there are questions.