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Planning a trip to Napa Valley? Don't be overwhelmed, let me help! I'm Local Wally, Napa's original locals' guide for free advice on the best restaurants, hotels, and wineries, all from a local's perspective. I don't give you endless lists, I show you the BEST of Napa, the places I love and the ones the locals endorse.

And if you're looking for 2 for 1 tastings and other wine tasting discounts I not only have EVERY free real coupon from the net in my Napa on a Budget section but also have best deal on the popular Priority Wine Pass, a card you flash to get free wine at over 75 Napa and Sonoma wineries. Use promo code localwally when ordering and you'll get the card for the lowest price, guaranteed, for 2 for 1 tastings and lots of special deals. Heck, I'll even help you pick out the best wineries to visit that will suit your wine tastes and experience level, for free! No catches, no gimmicks, just honest and unbiased advice from someone who knows and loves Napa.

Go to to order and use Promo Code localwally, then email me and I'll totally hook you up with a great custom agenda that's based just on 2 for 1 tastings. Not sure? Email me with your questions!


Best hotels, wineries and restaurants...and free winery coupons

Peju, Carnero's Inn, The French Laundry

I'll also help you plan the details of your trip, from picking a good hotel to finding a good restaurant - for free! Just send me an email at least a week in advance and I'll help you put together your personal agenda. Looking for someone to drive you? I got that covered, some even with discounts I'll pass on.

And if you're coming with a group then you really need me as I know which wineries will welcome you, which ones won't, and who will give you a discount. Are you getting the picture? I'm Local Wally and I'll take all the mystery out of planning your trip to Napa Valley.

So why risk your vacation with advice from the big tourist books or corporate websites that only recommend their advertisers. Trust the locals to give you the real deal, and trust Local Wally to show you the tips that only insiders know. If it's good, it's here. If it's not, it's not!

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EASIEST WAY TO GET FREE WINE: I've scoured the web to find every single coupon for free wine, two for ones, and discounted tastings in Napa Valley and put them in my Napa on a Budget section.

BEST PRICE ON WINE PASS: The days of free wine are over. But for only $39.99 you can get an annual pass to over 75 Napa and Sonoma wineries. With wine tastings costing $20 on up per person the pass pays for itself after your second stop. Go to and use promo code localwally.

WINERIES: With hundreds of wineries in the valley, planning which ones to visit before you arrive is essential.
Highway 29 / Silverado Trail / Free Coupons / Printable Map

DOWNTOWN NAPA: At the southern tip of Napa, a Mayberry sort of place... but with wine bars, restaurants and affordable hotels! Hotels / Dining

YOUNTVILLE: A charming small town with top resorts and some of the best restaurants and shopping within walking distance. Top pick! Hotels / Dining

ST. HELENA/RUTHERFORD: In the center of Napa Valley you'll find hotels tucked in vineyards, excellent dining, quintessential Napa. Hotels / Dining

CALISTOGA: At the tip of the valley, top resorts mixed with more affordable hotels and dining... and mud baths! Hotels / Dining

SONOMA: Check out Wally's and take a fun sidetrip to laid back Sonoma.

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NEED A DRIVER?: A fun trip to Napa is even more fun without worrying about needing a designated driver. But how do you know that the driver you hire doesn't have an ankle bracklet? You trust Local Wally, that's how. email me for my short list of quality drivers.



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SPRING 2016: It's coming soon, a brand new version of Local Wally's Napa Tourist Guide with all new content, new photos, and lots more deals and offers. Look for the new site to launch this Spring - bookmark me and come back often to see the changes.

WINE PASS: The Wine Pass is now just $39.99 for my readers, good for a year and good for Napa and Sonoma (use promo code localwally). Get two for ones, freebies, and a custom designed agenda for a fun day of (discounted) wine tasting! Napa on a Budget lives on!

NEED A DRIVER? Lately I've been getting a lot of requests for tours or personal drivers, which is smart if you want to drink lots of wine and not risk getting pulled over. I have a few friends in Napa who can really show you the local spots so reach out to me and I'll connect you to them.

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I've also updated the free coupons for both Napa and Sonoma.