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I am happy to help you plan your trip to Napa.  If you need a free winery trip planning agenda please give me as much time as you can due to the large number of requests.  I can typically turn around a custom agenda in 3 days.

Happy also to help you with restaurant and hotel recommendations, all honest and unbiased and based on my own experiences.


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Hire a Driver or Book a Tour | Local Wally's Napa Tourist Guide

NEW! Hire a driver or do a tour to see the BEST of Napa without driving your car and no DUI. Local Wally stamps his approval on Napa's best tour guides.

Getting around Napa When Wine Tasting

Platypus Tours Napa Sonoma

Hiring Napa Tours, Trolleys, and Drivers

Sorry to be a buzz killer but it's easy to over indulge when wine tasting in Napa. Sure, it's true that nearly everyone on the road seems to be coming from a winery and no, I have yet to see a DUI checkpoint, but for those who want to taste it all without worrying about trading that spa resort for the county jail should consider hiring a driver or going with a tour group.

The best drivers do more than just haul you around. They can offer fun and insights that you don't get if you were on your own while still taking you to the wineries you pick. Or go on a group tour where you'll jump on the bus like a 6th grade field trip where goofing off is allowed.

TIP: For those looking for special attention and VIP treatment, ask about the Priority Wine Pass Insider's Tour, an exclusive offer to my readers to spend an insiders day with Jamie, the owner of the company.  Email Jamie for more info.


Sign Up for Uber for Fast, Easy and Cost Effective Transportation Around Napa!

If you haven't signed up for Uber now is the time!  Use Uber to get you around Napa.  Download and sign up before you get here and leave the driving to someone else!   Want to be a driver?  Get info here on how to sign up to become a Napa certified Uber driver.

Drivers who Drive Your Own Car - Including Rentals

Professional drivers do more than get you around Napa. They become your personal tour guide, giving you tips and inside info on the wineries. Use one of the drivers who offer discounts with the Wine Pass and they will take you to the wineries who offer two for one discounts, a big way to stretch your Napa wine tasting budget.  Note:  If licensing and insurance are a concern to you please work directly with the drivers. 

Deb Welsh Let’s Roll Napa

Let's Roll Wine Tours

Deb Welsh owns and operates Let's Roll Wine Tours with a wide range of services, from driving your vehicle to professional photo shoots of our trip.


Let's Roll Wine Tours


My Napa Driver

Wine Pass members get a special rate of 15%, visit 2 for 1 wineries to save even more. Use promo code localwally.


Buy Wine Pass - Official Website


Simply Driven

Top pick for driving service who will drive your car, $40 per hour with Wine Pass. Use promo code localwally.


Buy Wine Pass - Official Website

Napa Valley Tour Groups - Jump in their Shuttles and Go

Join a small group and let the tour company take you around Napa and Sonoma. There's no need to pick wineries, no pre-planning, just hop in and before you know it you're wine tasting. Entertaining and fun, even the most shy in your group will be loving their new wine tasting friends by the end of the day. My favorite?  Platypus Tours - tell them Local Wally sent you for VIP treatment!


Dynamic Wine Tours

Experience Napa from the comforts of a luxurious Mercedes Sprinter limousine. Get 10% off with Wine Pass.


Buy Wine Pass - Official Website

Napa Wine Tours

Let Barry show you around Napa in a luxurious Navigator. Tell him Local Wally sent you for special service.


Official Website

Platypus Tours

Fun, casual tours of Napa and Sonoma with small groups and a friendly driver. Tell them Local Wally sent you!


Official Website

Budget Napa Wine Tasting Without a Car or Driver

Can't afford a tour or personal driver? Then do Local Wally's Napa Walking and Tasting Agenda, a great way to sample lots of wine without ever getting in your car. Simply start your day in the south end of Yountville and walk the "Mile of Wineries", stopping in a the many boutique wineries along the way. It's a lovely way to see and experience Napa whether you're a first timer or experienced visitor and a great way to taste a lot of Napa's finest wines without having to worry about a driving.

Limos and Companies that Drive You Around in Their Vehicles

Bachelorette parties, big groups, corporate events, hire a company who will pick you up and take you around Napa. If you need a company to pick you up at the airport and take care of all of the details, go with one of these options.

Beau Wine Tours

For the discriminating traveler, discover Napa and Sonoma from a luxury limousine. 10% off with Wine Pass.


Buy Wine Pass - Official Website

Verve Napa Valley

Customized tours of Napa with highly experienced guides, more than just transportation. 15% off with Wine Pass.


Buy Wine Pass - Official Website


Why Spit Wine Tours

Explore Napa from a smaller luxury vehicle, personal tours with knowledgable guides. Tell them Local Wally sent you!


Official Website

More Transportation Options in Napa Valley


Napa Valley Trolley

No getting around how touristy you will look when you jump aboard a trolley with rubber wheels but does allow you to jump on and off at various wineries.


Official Website

Uber Napa Valley

Uber is now in Napa Valley! If you have not used them before click the link below to sign up before you come. Easy to use, you can get around easily with Uber.


Sign Up for Uber


Napa Wine Train

More of an experience than actual transportation, the Napa Valley Wine Train does offer some trips that allow you to get off a select wineries.


Official Website