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Best Napa Wineries for Large Groups: Bachelorette Parties, Reunions | Local Wally's Guide to Napa

Napa's BEST wineries for big groups! Bachelorettes and wedding parties, reunions, big corporate events, take note - you CAN get discounts if you pick the right wineries to visit!

COMING TO NAPA WITH A BIG GROUP? Best Wineries for Large Groups

Best Napa Wineries for Large Groups

Bachelorette parties, corporate outings, college friend reunions, take note! Most Napa wineries require groups of 8 or more to make reservations if you want to taste. And not all group friendly wineries are created equal - some will charge you a premium for your group, some will put your group in the long line of crowds to fend for yourselves, while others will actually give you discounts.

Wait, what? That's right, some wineries actually will welcome your group with reservations as well as give you discounts on your tastings if you have a Priority Wine Pass, the handy two for one card for Napa and Sonoma.

Just remember that no matter what you do to make those reservations. Pop in groups of 8 or more are rarely welcome in the wineries so plan it out before you come.

How Do I Do Group Tastings Without Driving?

One of the biggest expenses in tasting with a big group will be your transportation. It's probably not a great idea to drive yourself unless you have a designated driver (better buy that person dinner!). You can hire people to drive your own cars or rentals or hire a limo, all expensive. Or you can hire Platypus Tours to drive your group around, small shuttles who do all the planning for you. They'll pick you up at your hotel and take you away to Napa or Sonoma, lunch included. They're the best of the tour bunch and Local Wally approved - tell them I sent you!  (Platypus Tours Info)


If you're coming with a group of 8 or more, whether for a bachelorette party or a corporate event, email me and I'll help you put the entire day together. I can arrange transportation, set up winery reservations, and get you discounts along the way, all for free. Of course, there is one catch - you must buy a Priority Wine Pass to get the discounts. But I'll even help you with that, getting enough discount cards for your group at an even bigger discounted price.  Email me for more info at least 2 weeks in advance.

Wineries in Napa who love groups

Napa Wineries Who Offer Discounts to Groups

The following wineries accept the Priority Wine Pass and offer discounts to your group. If you're the one planning the outing I recommend that you purchase the passes for everyone - get one pass for $39.99 for every two people - and then collect twenty bucks from each person the day of event. This is way easier than trying to make sure that everyone buys a pass.  Order it here to get my discount.

ANDRETTI WINERY:  Beautiful old world winery with a nice outdoor area, picnic area, 2 for 1 with wine pass.

AUBURN JAMES:  Exclusive offer, Auburn James Winery is a boutique tucked away from the crowds with a lovely tasting room, bocce ball, and they can even cater a Dean & Deluca lunch for you. 2 for 1 with wine pass. Limited to groups of 10 or less.

AVINODOS WINERY: Small winery in an industrial setting but with lots of personal attention. 2 for 1 with wine pass.  Limited to groups of 8 or less.

BELL WINERY:  One of the best experiences for groups, Bell's Grape to Glass tour is a 90 minute private tasting with a bit of history and info on the winery. Normally $50 per person but 2 for 1 with Wine Pass. Limited to groups of 8 or less.

CANIHAN WINERY:  At the south tip of Sonoma is Canihan Wines, a true small family winery where you'll taste in their barn and sometimes served by Bill Canihan himself. Authentic experience, 2 for 1 with wine pass.  Limited to groups of 8 or less.

CORNERSTONE CELLARS:  Right in Yountville, a friendly tasting room that offers 2 for 1's with the wine pass.  Limited to groups of 12 or less.

HAGAFEN WINERY:  Cute family winery with chickens in the yard and a lovely setting, 2 for 1 with Wine Pass except for Saturdays.  Limited to groups of 8 or less.

HUMANITAS WINERY:  Industrial setting on outside but friendly and fun setting inside, including an awesome vinyl record collection that should get the party going. 2 for 1 with wine pass.  Limited to groups of 8 or less.

JUDDS HILL:  Off the beaten path and tucked away in the vineyards, a terrific winery with an outdoor tasting area. 2 for 1 with wine pass.  Limited to groups of 8 or less.

PARADUXX:  Big name winery offers group discounts for those with wine pass, call for details. Limited to groups of 10 of less.

V. SATTUI:  Extremely popular picnic spot and winery with inexpensive pours, show up with your Wine Pass and get 2 for 1. Deli area, picnic area, no special treatment but groups welcome.