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Local Wally's BUDGET 2 for 1 Napa Itinerary -

Follow Local Wally for a day of 2 for 1 and VIP tastings at Napa's most amazing wineries. Napa on a Budget!

Napa Wine Tasting Agenda on a Budget

How to Wine Taste in Napa for Cheap

There was a time when your first stop in Napa wasn't the ATM. Back in the 70's and 80's wine tasting was either free or cheap enough that you didn't give it a second thought. But today it's standard to pay $20 to $25 per person for a flight, meaning that a day of tasting for two can easily run up to $200.

But don't worry, there is a way to do Napa on a Budget. Just get a Priority Wine Pass and visit wineries that offer two for one tastings and discount deals. Here's how it works - visit any of the 75 featured wineries in Napa or Sonoma, flash the card and get their deal. Will you love it?  Do you love wine?  Yes, yes!

Big names, boutique wineries, free tastings and discounted tours, that's all part of the Priority Wine Pass experience. So come with me and let's go Napa wine tasting... on a budget!


Get a Priority Wine Pass To Get These Offers

Don't be confused by other wine "passports" that limit you to a small section of Napa Valley or phone apps that make you tweet when you'd rather be tasting. Only the Priority Wine Pass offers discounts at over 75 wineries in Napa and Sonoma as well as other popular wine regions. My readers get the pass for only $39.99 at It's good for a year, and let's you take advantage of the deals like the ones in the agenda below. Just get one pass per couple and never pay full price for wine tastings again!

 Bell Wine Cellars in Napa

Recommended Tour: Bell Wine Cellars

Do the Grape to Glass Tour, 2 for 1 with Wine Pass

A hidden gem, Bell Wine Cellars is a small, family run winery near Yountville. Their Grape to Glass Tour takes you from the vineyards to the production area and then back to the barrels where you'll sample some of the most amazing wines in Napa - I'm not exaggerating, I love their wines!

Start with a sparkling and then move through the spectrum until you get to their deep cabs. Unlike some wineries where the tasting rooms look more like retail shops, Bell Wine Cellars lets you taste inside their production facility next to the barrels. The smells of a working winery are intoxicating and the wines at Bell might be the best you'll taste.  If you have time you should not miss their 90 minute tour. Email the winery for reservations.

TripAdvisor Review | Bell Wine Cellars Official Site

Want a custom agenda based on your wine tastes and experience? Just ask, it's free!  That's what Local Wally is all about, giving unbiased and honest advice to help you plan your trip to Napa and Sonoma.

 Kosher wines at Hagafen Winery Napa

Stop 1: Hagafen Cellars

Let's Kick This Off with a Taste of Sparkling, 2 for 1

Hagafen Winery is a small, family run winery that's the perfect first stop. Their wines tend to be slightly sweeter which is exactly what you want early in the morning. Come on, you want to ease into this - Big bold reds will come later!

Sparkling wine fans will be happy to know that there's always one on their tasting menu, an excellent way to start your day. Nice little tasting room friendly staff and, wait for it, kosher wines. OK, so it still tastes like wine but that's cool it's kosher. Their wines have also been featured at White House events from Reagan to Obama so you know it's the good stuff and the grounds are picture perfect. Watch out for the chickens!

TripAdvisor Review | Hagafen Cellars Official Site

 Andretti Winery in Napa

Stop 2:  Andretti Winery

Get a Two for One at Mario's Winery

Here's where our best laid wine tasting plans start to fall apart but how could you drive past Andretti Winery and not stop? Lovely winery with a gorgeous setting, an old world sort of charm, and how cool is it that this is Mario Andretti of racing car fame's winery?

There's no racing stuff here, just a winery that looks like it's been transplanted from a village in Italy. Small and intimate tasting room, nice grassy area and patio, very laid back and a hidden gem.

This is an optional stop so watch your time as there are plenty more great stops ahead. But one sip? Can it hurt?

TripAdvisor Review | Andretti Winery Official Site

 Simple, unassuming tasting room at Grgich Hills Estates

Stop 3:  Grgich Hills Estates

Judge Paris For Yourself (spoiler: Mike wins)

Grgich Hills Estate has earned a permanent spot in Napa history by being part of the famous 1976 Judgement of Paris blind tastings, the story told in the movie Bottle Shock. The wine maker behind the winning chardonnay was Mike Grgich, then working at Chateau Montelena, who opened his own award winning winery a year later. Chardonnay lovers, this is your stop.

What I also like about Grgich Hills Estates is that the tasting room hasn't changed much since it opened, an intimate experience that's a sharp contrast to the newer wineries that try so hard (too hard?) to attract the large crowds. Grape stomping during harvest, two for one tastings with your Wine Pass.

TripAdvisor Review | Grgich Hills Official Site

 Napa Cellars picnic area

Stop 4:  Napa Cellars

Let's Do a Picnic with 2 for 1 Glasses of Wine!

Get serious, you don't want a serious wine when you are having a picnic. That's not a slam on Napa Cellars, the folks behind popular Ménage à Trois wine. It's just that most wineries with picnic grounds require you to purchase their wines so those doing Napa on a Budget need to be aware of the prices before setting down that blanket.

Wine Pass holders get a two for one tasting or two for one glasses, just perfect to go along with your picnic lunch. Napa Cellars is home to three different labels so you're certain to find something you like. Get your picnic supplies from Oakville Grocery down the street.

TripAdvisor ReviewNapa Cellars Official Site

 Napa's best unknown winery, Auburn James.

Option: Auburn James Winery

Visit Napa's Best Unknown Winery for Lunch and Wine

If you're not coming in picnic weather or if you just want to taste some of Napa's best wines without breaking the bank then skip Napa Cellars and go to Auburn James instead. Not many people know about this reservation only winery but those who do know that Auburn James has some of best wines in the entire valley, from luscious whites to deep bold reds.

You'll taste in their cottage, a near private tasting experience with Rachael or David pouring for you. And while you can't bring in your own food ask and they'll have Dean & Deluca box lunches ready for you. When booking ask for the Local Wally special and you'll even get a free cheese platter and an extra sip of their most exclusive wine. An outstanding experience, visit them before they blow up big.

TripAdvisor ReviewAuburn James Official Site

 Beringer Winery in Napa

Stop 5: Beringer Winery

So Beautiful You Might Never Leave!

Napa has a lot of famous wineries but none of them are as strikingly beautiful as Beringer Winery.  The adventure starts as you approach the tunnel of trees on the highway, trees that were planted by the Beringer Brothers back in the 1800's.  The winery itself has been in operation since 1876, making it Napa's oldest continuing operating winery.

Give yourself plenty of time to stroll the grounds as there is plenty to see, from gift shop to architectural marvels.  You can even picnic here and yes, you get a two for one tasting with your wine pass, saving you $25.  Come early if you can as everyone wants to see Beringer so it can get busy in peak season.

Beringer Official Site. |. Priority Wine Pass Discount Details

 Brian Arden Winery

BONUS:  Brian Arden Winery

Optional Stop:  2 for 1 Tasting

A new winery in Napa, Brian Arden has a clean, contemporary tasting room with a modern feel. This is a small winery run by family members along with three dogs making fewer than 5,000 cases a year.  You can feel the passion of the winery come through when the server starts talking about the wines. As for the wines, Brian Arden makes everything from whites to reds, including sparkling wine, rose, and big reds. 

Outside seating is just perfect for a summer day and the view from the bar is not too shabby. If you have time try to squeeze in a stop at Brian Arden.  You'll love this stop!

Brian Arden Official Site. |. Priority Wine Pass Discount Details

 Dutch Henry Napa Calistoga

Last Stop:  Dutch Henry

Visit a funky, fun and friendly winery, cave tastings

I like ending the day at Dutch Henry, a cool and funky winery up near Calistoga. The tasting room is simple and unadorned, the outdoor area has picnic tables, chickens, and bocce ball. The entire experience is a bit like hanging out at a friends house, assuming your friend owns a winery, of course. 

Get a two for one with your wine pass then buy a bottle and go outside. That's a pretty good plan - do a flight and buy a bottle to take outside to enjoy. It's laid back, it's fun, and it's a great alternative to the bustling and crowded tasting rooms that the "other" guides send you to. And how cool is it that your Wine Pass got you a cave tasting?

TripAdvisor Review |  Dutch Henry Official Site

Is the Priority Wine Pass Worth It? 

Without the Wine Pass you would spend over $200 per couple for this day of tasting. With the pass you save at least $100. Factor in the cost of the card and your first day savings is at least $60.  And because the card is good for a year you'll save every time you use it, on average $100 per day. So yes, no doubt that the Wine Pass is worth it. No hassles, no coupons to clip, no tweeting on your phone app, just flash the card and get free wine!  Order your wine pass now using coupon code localwally.  Still just $39.99 per couple and still good for one year from purchase!