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Happy also to help you with restaurant and hotel recommendations, all honest and unbiased and based on my own experiences.


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2 for 1 Budget Napa Itinerary

Follow Local Wally for a day of 2 for 1 and VIP tastings at Napa's most amazing wineries. Napa on a Budget!

Napa Wine Tasting Agenda on a Budget

How to Wine Taste in Napa for Cheap

There was a time when your first stop in Napa wasn't the ATM. Back in the 70's and 80's wine tasting was either free or cheap enough that you didn't give it a second thought. But today it's standard to pay $20 to $35 per person for a flight, meaning that a day of tasting for two can easily run up to $250 or more.  Yikes!  Who can afford that?

I started Napa Tourist Guide over 10 years ago with the idea of helping visitors find cheap or free tastings - and there still are a few.  But today it's much easier to just get a wine pass and the Priority Wine Pass is the best one.  The pass costs $39.99 (click here to get my discount) but you only need one per couple and will save  $25 on average at every stop.  Do two wineries, you more than break even.  And come on, you know you're going to do more than two wineries! 

And as always, all of my advice is honest and unbiased.  I get no kickbacks from the wineries, I don't promote a winery just because they advertise with me.  If I like it, and I mean REALLY like it, it's here - if not, it's not.  You can also email me for personal advice but remember that I am still just one guy doing this so the more time you give me the better.  But enough of this, let's figure out how to do Napa on a Budget!


How to Get the Best Wine Pass

Don't be confused by other wine "passports" that limit you to a small section of Napa Valley or sites that make you pay to unlock deals that anyone can get. Only the Priority Wine Pass offers discounts at over 75 wineries in Napa and Sonoma as well as other popular wine regions. My readers get the pass for only $39.99 at You’ll typically save $25 or more at each winery stop. Do the math and it’s a no brainer! It's also good for a year with new deals added every month. Just get one pass per couple and never pay full price for wine tastings again!


First Timers agenda for visiting all the discounted big name wineries


Get one wine pass per couple to get these deals:

Stop 1:  Grgich Hills Estates:  One of my favorite wineries in Napa, I love it that the charming tasting room hasn't changed much in the past three decades.  $25 per person, or two for one with Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 2:  Beringer:  Get ready to fill up your phone with selfie shots as this historic winery is a real looker!  $25 per person, or two for one with Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 3:  Sterling Vineyards:  Ride the tram to the top, do a self guided tour, then sip some wines on the patio covered with shady trees, quite an experience!  $35 per person, or two for one with the Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 4:  Rutherford Hill:  High up on the hill with great views and a picnic area ($75 fee for picnic table reservations, waived with equal purchase of wine).  Standard tastings are $25 per person, get a free upgrade to their $40 per person tasting with the Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 5:  Andretti Winery: Cool old world setting and great final stop. Save $30 per couple on their tasting flights.


Cost per couple without the wine pass:  $260

Cost per couple with the wine pass:  $39.99 + $165 = $204.99

Verdict:  Save $55 with the Priority Wine Pass plus get FREE upgraded tasting at Rutherford Hill, saving you another $30.  Total savings $85 - that's dinner tonight!


Get away from the crowds and tourists and dive deep into some of napa's best winery experiences... on a budget!

AXR Winery in Napa

Stop 1:  Miner Family:  Ever since you were a kid you wanted to explore caves, right?  How about a wine cave tasting experience?  Sounds good to me and Miner has great wines and great caves.  $50 per person, or two for one with the Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 2:  Auburn James:  Gosh darn this is a cute winery cottage!  Come taste some of Napa's best wines, including some killer reds that will make you forget about missing that tram ride.  $30 per person, or two for one with the Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 3:  Burgess Cellars:  I feel pretty strongly about this - go here!  Tucked away about 10 minutes off the Silverado Trail is Burgess, a quaint winery with a killer view.  Their wines are equally stunning and priced at about half what you would expect to pay for top notch wines.  $30 per person to taste, or get FREE tastings for two with a two bottle purchase.

Stop 4:  AXR Napa Valley:  I remember when Frank Family, Alpha Omega, and others were small and unknown wineries, true hidden gems.  Now they are huge with huge crowds and big tasting fees.  AXR is poised to follow in their footsteps but for now you can do a private, one on one tasting and tour where you'll explore their beautiful grounds surrounded by redwood trees and taste in one of their historic buildings.  Do this one!  It's great!  Save $50 per person with purchase with Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 5:  Delectus:  A true VIP tasting experience, sample from their secret stash!  $55 per person, or two for one with the Priority Wine Pass.  Bring a sweater as you'll be tasting in their private wine cellar!


Cost per couple without the wine pass (make sure you are sitting down):  $430

Cost per couple with the wine pass:  $39.99 + $185 = $224.99

Verdict:  $205 savings, no brainer, get the pass!


All Wine Tasting is fun but these are funner (and discounted)!


Stop 1:  Durant & Booth:  I'm no decorator but this place looks like Joanna Gaines did it on LSD.  Very cool, very eclectic, and the location next to Oakville Grocery makes getting lunch supplies pretty handy.  $20 per person, two for one with Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 2:  Madrigal Family:  Is it sunny outside?  Then Madrigal is a perfect stop with their patio overlooking the vineyards.  Madrigal, magical, same thing.  $50 per person, two for one with Priority Wine Pass.  Also a good lunch spot, ask when you reserve about any special offers.

Stop 3:  Dutch Henry:  The trend in Napa seems to be bigger, bolder, more ornate tasting rooms. But not at Dutch Henry where it's an industrial setting and a huge outdoor area perfect for picnics and a bit of bocce ball.  $25 per person, or two for one with Priority Wine Pass.

Stop 4:  Brian Arden Winery:  I love the contemporary setting at Brian Arden and also appreciate their huge selection of great wines, all friendly to the palate and fun to drink.  $25 per person, two for one with Priority Wine Pass. 

Stop 5:  Picayune Cellars:  I hate shopping.  I especially hate browsing in shops.  But my wife loves both shopping and browsing.  So yes, we are at odds at times but not at Picayune Cellars, a boutique store in Calistoga with a wine bar serving up surprisingly great wines at a modest price.  I'm probably getting this all wrong because I was possibly drunk when they explained this but they source their own grapes and make their wines as a labor of love, priced well below market.  $25 per person, two for one with Priority Wine Pass.


Cost per couple without the wine pass:  $290

Cost per couple with the wine pass:  $39.99 + $145 = $184.99

Verdict:  $105 savings with the Priority Wine Pass. 


truly unique wine tasting experiences for the big shot on a budget


Conn Creek Blending Experience:  A crash course in wine making, you'll taste and learn all about wine and then make your own blend of Cabernet Sauvignon to bottle and take home.  If you really like it they'll even custom make you a case of your own recipe.  Bring home the bottle and do a blind tasting to see how your wine stacks up!  $125 per person, save $50 per couple with Priority Wine Pass.  Conn Creek also has a great wine and food pairing, also $50 off per couple.

Maxville Winery:  You want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy Napa summer day?  Then head out to Maxville Winery (reservations required), an insanely beautiful gigantic winery that's so tucked away you might have it all to yourselves.  Bar tasting and Cave Tour is $65 per person, two for one with the Priority Wine Pass, making this a one of a kind experience that anyone can afford.  Want lunch?  Ask about this when reserving.  Email me for more info.

Relic Wine Cellars:  The 2017 Napa fire was brutal to the Soda Canyon area, making the drive to Relic both eye opening and somber.  But perhaps this is why more than ever it's good to support a winery that's going through the aftermath of the fires.  Relic offers an outstanding cave tasting experience featuring small production wines that's not typically open to the public - unless you have the Priority Wine Pass.  Get tastings for $40 per person, or get FREE tastings with a $300 purchase.

Patland Wine Caves:  Only two wineries burned to the ground in the 2017 Napa fire - Signorello and Patland.  Thankfully the caves and their wines remained untouched so support this winery by visiting their caves, reservations required.  $40 per person, but get two FREE tastings with the Priority Wine Pass with a two bottle purchase.  707-200-8159

Castillo di Amorosa and the Napa Valley Wine Train Excursion:  Experience two of Napa's most sought after activities, a lunch aboard the train and then a private tour and tasting inside the famous Napa castle.  This excursion takes a full day so only recommended to those with multiple days here.  $289 per person, get $20 off per person (up to four people in your group) with one Priority Wine Pass.  Call (707) 253-2111 and mention you are a Priority Wine Passmember during booking. At check-in please bring ID and wine pass to obtain special pricing. 



If you're visiting any of these top notch experiences then just get the Priority Wine Pass as you'll save money right from the start and then get to use it at other winery stops during your stay.  Remember, you only need one pass per couple and they are good for a year so you can get it now and make your reservations well ahead of time.  Click HERE to get the pass at my discounted price.